Furioza 2022: Release Date, Cast, Plot

The film is about a policewoman who makes her ex-boyfriend an offer he can’t refuse. “Furioza” is directed by Marek Szczepaniak, and it features an all-star cast that includes Sebastian Stankiewich and Wojciech Zielinski as well as Mateusz Banasiuk and Weronika Ksiazewicz.

Release Date

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, Netflix will release the gritty Polish action film Furioza. If you enjoyed Netflix originals like Operation Hyacinth, Ultraviolet, or The Land, you’ll love the upcoming flick.


  • Weronika Książkiewicz plays police officer Dzika in the female lead.
  • Mateusz Banasiuk plays her former lover, a doctor named Dawid,
  • Mateusz Damięcki plays his old friend named Golden.
  • Wojciech Zieliński plays Dawid’s brother Kaszub, the leader of the Furioza.
  • Łukasz Simlat plays Dzika’s colleague Bauer, who directs the action.

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Dawid is a doctor at a hospital but with a terrible past—he was previously a member of a notorious football hooligan club called Furioza, which is still run by his brother Kashubian. After growing up amidst gang violence and seeing fatalities in front of his eyes, Dawid chose to be done with that life and now seeks to save lives.

At work one day, he is surprised to encounter his ex-lover, Dzika, with new wounds. Dzika, a club member, disappeared following a traumatic event, and her fate is unknown. Surprised, the doctor takes out her police ID and claims to be seeing Kashubian. The new police team is determined to hunt down the city’s most known gangs, including Furioza.

In return, Dzika wants Dawid to go back to the club as an informer for the police to help them bring it down.


Dzika and The Furiozas

Dawid doesn’t like the idea, but the promise of protecting the Kashubian convinces him to go through with the plan. His brother’s family will be at the club the next day, so he comes back the next day. The brother of Kashubian doesn’t mind his brother coming back.

Golden, who is a fiery and passionate member of the gang, doesn’t like it. It was clear that the two men knew each other.

During this time, the Furiozas prepare for a fight with the Antmen. The cops plan to stop them and arrest them. Despite this, the gang manages to get away, get to their destination, and defeat the authorities.

In the end, Dawid gets back his brother’s trust after successfully healing one of the group’s most serious wounds.

They got into a fight years ago. Daro was stabbed with Daro’s own knife by one of the rivals, and Dawid was too startled to react and just stood there as his friends were beaten up, which led to Daro’s death.

This tragedy changed the lives of three people: Golden chose to stay with the Furiozas, Dawid went to school for medicine, and Dzika, Daro’s sister, joined the police.

Furioza Is Dotted With the Perfect Amount of Action and Grit

Furioza promises to be a tense thriller with lots of action moments. The Polish movie focuses on a policewoman who compels her ex-lover to make a difficult choice. He either needs to become a police informant, or his brother will be put in prison for a long time. Even with the police watching from the sidelines, being an informant is a risky option that will put their relationship to the test.

Furioza has several violent scenes that demonstrate just how deadly the operation will be.


This film is packed with action, battles, and explosives. It’s unclear what the cops want the heroes to say, but it’s apparent it’s about the mafia since the movie is full of gangster talk. The film’s action scenes, gritty narrative, and dark humor must be appreciated.

Subscribers to Netflix will also like the film’s tough, smart, and driven protagonist who will do anything to get the job done.

Furioza’s Action Sequences Will Push You to Your Limits

This isn’t a new problem. It has been reported in history. It’s rare because it puts someone else at risk while trying to help someone else. In movies like this, there are two things that make them exciting and fun to watch: action and mystery.

In the same way Operation Hyacinth, Ultraviolet, and The Land are now on Netflix, so is Furioza.

Furioza will make Netflix’s on-demand service more interesting. Because it’s set in Poland instead of the United States, it’s also one of the most unique books in the genre. It’s not clear how many Americans have seen these crime movies, but they’re worth a look.

There is always something new to see and do even if you don’t go far.