The Society Season 2: Why Did Netflix Cancel The Show?

The Society Season 2: Besides their popular shows, Netflix has a bunch of amazing series that marks themselves as unique from the rest of the shows.

The revival of these shows tends to excite and concentrate the audience. Having a strong narrative and wonderful characters makes The Society a Netflix series worth waiting for. The Society season 2 is not going to materialize.

The makers of a program decide whether or not to renew it. The Society’s first chapter ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans curious about the characters’ fates.

The series was one of Netflix’s most popular thrillers in 2020. Despite not receiving the same praise as other Netflix original shows, the program maintained a dedicated following eagerly anticipating the next season.

The series ended prematurely. Fans are enraged that Netflix didn’t give the episode an appropriate finale. The crowd was enraged and saddened by the cancellation announcement. Following the standard scenario of a group of high school students who left on a summer excursion and returned alone.

After the acceleration, the internet was filled with many comments and tweets criticizing Netflix for not completing the series. In this article, we’ll be talking about if there are any chances for the show to return or not. 

The Society Ended on a Major Cliffhanger!

The Society Season 2 updates

Because of how the tale was meant to end, it suggests that the series was already scheduled for future seasons.

Initially, the series was canceled owing to the worldwide epidemic. According to Netflix, the series has been canceled because of the Covid-19 and will resume when the epidemic has ended.

Fans have high hopes for Netflix to continue the tale. Everyone was curious about the adolescent youngsters. If they died, does life return to normal?

But that never occurred, and Netflix officially canceled the series. After a few months, The Society Season 2 was announced. After the production was planned to begin in 2020, Netflix stated that the series would not be continuing.

The series has been among the top-rated streaming sites. Even the reviews and responses were positive.

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Why was ‘The Society Season 2’ officially Canceled in 2020?

The Society Season 2

It’s not as if ‘The Society’ was just intended for one. Officials anticipated the program might go for numerous seasons. Not just the authorities, but also the Netflix viewers.

The Society was a popular program on Netflix at the time, and the buzz about the second season has made viewers curious. Sadly, Netflix never said after the series was canceled. Despite the fans’ pleas to bring the series back, Netflix remained silent.

But why was the show canceled? That’s why Netflix blamed the worldwide epidemic on the financial crisis. Really??

Netflix blamed the Global pandemic for canceling the series. Says Netflix “We’ve decided not to renew The Society and I Am Not Okay With This. We’re sad to be forced to make these choices by COVID.”

Later, an insider revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that the main reason behind the cancellation was rather the increase in the budget of the show. The show did unexpectedly well and on Netflix, we’re not ready for it. For the second season, the plot demands a much higher budget than Netflix has ever planned. 

However, the show’s cast is already large, increasing the risk of financial overruns.

“We spent the past number of months getting ready to go back,” Chris Keyser remarked of the second season.

He said, “Then Netflix called and said, ‘We have taken this choice.’ It was jarring and disturbing. We had Netflix, the budget increase, and all that, “he said. “We had constant discussions, we understood there would be issues.”

Keyser also claims that a second season was scheduled for the summer. He then said, “But it was becoming colder. They decided it was too much. That’s how it goes.”

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How the Officials Reacted to this News?

The Society Season 2 image

Keyser unexpectedly said they knew the series was canceled. Netflix has been working on this for months, which is why the series, which was supposed to premiere in the summer, was delayed for 5 months and ultimately canceled.

“I can’t pretend to be astonished,” Keyser stated. “I know we spoke about the problems of creating this atmosphere for months,” he said.

“Obviously, no one wants their narrative to end, and I don’t want the characters to be the children of New Ham, vanished without a trace. But I’m not fully in charge.”

On the discontinuation of the second season, he expressed everyone’s sadness. “This is incredibly disturbing,” Keyser remarked. “But it’s for anybody.” We are forced to cope with the losses caused by the epidemic, as so many others are. I assume we’re like all those shuttered shops and eateries. Our folks are jobless, but that’s the case nationwide.”

The fans are already serious about the second season and have done a lot to get back on the show. From the petition to the tweets, they’ve already made their mark.

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Is there any Possibility for ‘The Society Season 2’ to be Released?

The Society Season 2 about

Everything is dependent on Netflix, if the streaming services want the series to get back, they will probably work on it. We have already witnessed that the series has left the majority of the shows despite the viewership and ratings being great. 

There was the only reason behind the cancellation was the “Over-Budget” of the show. The series ended with many questions unanswered. The audience wants to know what exactly happens with the kids and whether they returned to their homes or not. 

At the end of the first season, we saw that the characters were already trapped in an alternate reality which looks the same as their real world. 

Fans are trying hard and making sure that their demands reached the officials but it is not working out. There is already a petition that has been signed by more than 130,000 people and still counting. What do you think? This can be the reason for the renewal of the show.

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