My Liberation Notes: A Story of Three Siblings Who Want a Happy life

My Liberation Notes Review: Directed by Kim Suk-Yoon, My Liberation Notes is a recently released Korean drama that is making buzz among the people.

The series, which debuted on Netflix, has already received rave reviews from both audiences and reviewers. Follows three siblings and one stranger living in a not-so-happy existence who desires to get out.

My Liberation Notes debuted on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday starting April 9, 2022. The program has now released five episodes and will air its sixth on April 24, 2022.

As a Korean serial, the drama has already sparked excitement. Although most Korean dreams are romantic, the recent tendency is to explore different genres. Since several of these programs have gained an international reputation, it is fair to conclude that fans are still seeking that love moment in these series.

A fantastic plot and passionate discussions increase awareness in My Liberation Notes. The actors have done an excellent job portraying their characters. This page is about My Liberation Notes. We’ll talk about the whole series. Read the story to the end to find out.

My Liberation Notes: What is it About?

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My Liberations notes tell the bittersweet story about three siblings, Mi-Jeong (Kim Ji-won), Ki-Jeong (Lee El), and Chang-hee (Lee Min-ki) who are facing hardship to balance their life and remain happy. The story centers around these three siblings along with a stranger who wants to make a life that they love. 

Mi-Jeong is already shy and makes reasons not to go out. But when her employees compel her to go to the cafes or bars, she can’t refuse and ends up wounded during the party. Chang-hee, another sibling, is a hopeless romantic.

But his love and romantic luck are a mixed bag and he constantly ends himself wounded. He’s been through a few painful breakups and is still seeking.

Finally, Ki-Jeong is fed up with life and has no expectations of it. Her reply reflects her attitude towards her lifestyle. They all like the countryside but are shy around strangers.

One thing that stayed consistent across all three was their vision of a happy existence. They show how their life will be when everything goes their way and how they will respond.

The series shows their severe desire to live according to their requirements. They wanted to live in the town and enjoy all the amenities.

Living in the town would not only cost them a lot but will also be tough to control their costs due to financial issues.

Was it enough? No, these siblings are concealing deeper and worse truths. The showrunners have only published five episodes so far, and viewers are eager to see what happens next. A stranger in the series may have a major role in future episodes.

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My Liberation Notes Cast: Who is in it?

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My Liberation Notes has an outstanding cast and with these actors coming together for one show, fans are already excited to see how things will be turned out. The series centers around three siblings and one stranger and throughout the story, we see how things move around them.

Lee Min-ki, who has appeared as Yeom Chang-hee is playing the role of the eldest sibling. Kim Ji-won has appeared as the youngest sibling and played the role of Yeom Mi-Jung. Lee El is cast as Yeom Ki-Jung, the second of three siblings. 

Along with the cast, we have Son Seok-Koo as Mr. Goo, a stranger in the show and his role is yet to be announced. The show also has to support characters who add much interest to the story. In the next few lines, we have mentioned them accordingly.

  • Chun Ho-jin is playing the role of Yeom Je-ho. He is the father of the three siblings
  • Lee Kyung-Seong is cast as Kwak Hye-suk and plays the role of the mother.
  • Lee Ki-woo has been seen as Jo Tae-hoon, one of Yeom Mi-Jung’s colleague
  • Park Soo-young appears as Park Sang-min and he is also Yeom Mi-Jung’s colleague
  • Jeon Hye-jin appears as Hyun-ah. He is the neighborhood friend of three siblings and has lived his childhood with them.
  • Jung Soo-young is appeared as Jo Kyung-sun and plays the role of Jo Tae-hoon’s sister.
  • Kim Rosa as Jo Hee-sun and she also appears as Jo Tae-hoon’s sister
  • Yang Jun-Myung as Lee Min-Gyu, Yeom Chang-hee’s colleague
  • Jeon Soo-jin as Lee Ye-rin, Yeom Chang-hee’s ex-girlfriend

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My Liberation Notes Review

my liberation notes

A decent narrative and character performance are undoubtedly the keys to any series’ success. The program offers an intriguing narrative with compelling discussions.

Moreover, the showrunners endeavored to cover every angle. We’ve seen the characters’ romantic sides, and their chemistry has us thinking about our own.

The plot is neither too complex nor too basic. The series could have done more with the premise to make it more intriguing and suspenseful, but the makers chose the more conventional route.

The audience seems to prefer this non-suspicious narrative style. We’ve seen how k-dreams generally expand up after the middle section. The show’s ratings and viewership are ordinary, and we’ll have to wait until the conclusion to see how it stands out from the others.

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Is there any official Trailer to watch?

If by any chance you have missed the official trailer of this series then don’t worry. Here is the trailer for My Liberation Notes to watch. 

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