Green Mothers Club 2022: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot (New)

Green Mothers Club 2022: Friendship, motherhood, and progress are depicted through the stories of five moms in this novel.

The Release Date of Green Mothers’ Club, as well as a Trailer

The program will premiere on Netflix on April 6, 2022. Every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 KST, a new episode will be published. There are 16 episodes in all, like with other Korean dramas. The series trailer may be seen here!



  • Lee Yo-won portrayed Lee Eun-Pyo in this role. When a highly educated mother from French studies, who initially majored in aesthetics, moves into their town, she becomes entangled in a variety of happenings.
  • Choo Ja-Hyun plays the character of Byun Chun-hee. She is the most powerful mother of popular in terms of both beauty and knowledge.
  • Kim’s Gyu-character Ri’s Lee Eun-rival Pyo’s greatest friend is Song Jin-ho, a lady with an attractive foreign husband with natural grace and a brilliant kid.
  • Kim Young-mi is played by Hye Jin. A mother who prioritizes her bond with her kid. The wise mother serves as an example for all of us.
  • Park Yun-Joo (Joo Min-Kyung) is another name for Park Yun-Joo. Pyo, as Lee Eun-cousin, is an unrepentant conman who generates more complicated stories than he solves.


  • This is the family of Eun Pyo.

All About the Cast of Green Mothers Club

Choi Jae-rim (Jung Jae-wrong) is the Korean name for Choi Jae-rim. Detectives working for Eun Pyo’s spouse It’s unassuming, but it packs a powerful visual punch. He has an uncanny ability to decipher the thoughts of women. It has a low-key and modest demeanor.

  • Chi-yul in the role of Jung Dong-seok.
    In the words of Eun-Pyo, Dong Seok is a chatty and inquisitive child. He was too preoccupied with school and hadn’t met another mother in kindergarten to compare and comprehend their positions. No one knows who Jung Dong-Joo is.

green mothers club

  • There is a connection between Chun Hee and her family.

Choi Deok-moon portraying Kim Joo-Seok
This anesthesiologist, who was married to Byun Chun-hee, had the audacity to believe that he was superior to everyone else.

TBA is the child of Kim Young-bin Chun Hee and Joo-Seok.

Kim Yu-bin is played by Joo Ye-rin.

Chun Hee’s daughter, Joo-daughter, Seok’s A young woman who is intelligent, energetic, and open about her feelings. Even if your mother wouldn’t tell you to, if you didn’t make it into high school, you should. You can’t stand on your own two feet.

The clans

  • The Jinha clan

In this movie, Choi Gwang-rok plays Jinha’s ex-boyfriend and now-husband, Louis Bunuel / Louis Eun Pyo. Jin Ha’s husband is a French citizen of Korean heritage who works for GM, the company Jin Ha works for. He is also a Korean citizen. Henry Bunuel is not yet known, but he is likely to be. Jin Ha’s and Louis’s child’s Characteristics make him look like he’s from another planet, and he’s also a great multilingual speaker.

  • The Family of Young-mi

Oh Geon-woo is a well-known film director and Kim Young’s spouse. Sculpin is still a mystery. Geon-woo is their stepfather in this instance. Geon-mother woo has a new husband. Chulpin can’t stand still or move much as a result of this. Saebeom is a toddler. They’ve been living with their stepfather, Geon-woo, after their mother remarried. Saebeom was a teenager. She is terrified of her stepfather and her sensitivity, and she despises her mother’s rule that she should only do what she wants.

  • The kin of Yun Joo. Lee Man-su, played by Yoon Gyung-ho

Park Yun-husband Joo, a meek and obedient office worker, is the only one who drinks beer and watches TV after work.
Park Ye-rin, the 8-year-old daughter of Lee Soo-in Yun-Ju, attends an elementary school.

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In a highly competitive grade school community, envy and secrets entangle and ruin the lives of five moms. Several women with elementary-aged children congregate outside the school to talk about their children’s growth. They are suffocated by their own mental barriers and are unable to transcend them.

green mothers club

As a consequence of their interactions, the moms’ bonds develop and they evolve as persons.


There will be a TV show called Green Mothers’ Club that will be directed by Ra Ha Na, written by Shin Yi-won, and made by JTBC Studio. It was confirmed on May 26, 2021. It’s going to be on JTBC in 2022, but the exact date is still up in the air. As of July 2, 2021, we know who will be in this year’s cast!

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