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Zari Hassan About

Zari is in actual Zarinah Hassan. She was born in the year 1980 on the 23rd of September. And she’s also popularly known as Zari Hassan. Do you all know about the popular name Is she has and that is the boss lady? She is now approximately 41 years of age and she was born in Uganda. So by nationality, we can say that she is a Ugandan. She’s a businesswoman and she is a socialite.

In terms of her profession, we might say she is a businesswoman and a socialite, as well as the heir or CEO of BCC. She is a strong lady who owns and operates her own business and lives in South Africa. She is also well-known as a talented musician and businesswoman. Zari is a fascinating blend of races, with an Indian maternal grandmother and a Ugandan grandpa. Her father’s father, on the other hand, is Somalian, while her grandmother is from Burundi.

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan Height

The Boss Lady, as she’s nicknamed, has a beautiful body that belies her five children. You may mistake her for a model if it weren’t for her height, which is somewhat shorter than most models. Her eyes are dark brown and her hair is black.

Zari Hassan Children

Zari’s three children from her ex-husband Ivan are Didy, Quincy, and Pinto. Latifah Dangote and Prince Riaz Dangote are the offspring of her marriage to Diamond.

Zari Hassan Net Worth

Zari Hassan’s estimated net worth is $8 million. According to accounts, her main source of wealth is a sizable portion of her late husband’s estate. Zari Hassan has an unknown net worth. Zari Hassan’s ex-husband is said to earn over Ush 700 million every month from his many businesses across Africa. If she obtains almost half of her ex-money husband’s estate as stipulated in his will, Zari would walk away with a total of Ush 350 million every month.

Zari Hassan has an estimated net worth of USD8.8 million, with half of that going straight to her bank account. As of 2019, her net worth is believed to be $4.4 million.

If that’s the case, Zari Hassan’s residences in Uganda and South Africa are bound to be very different. A black Mercedes Benz E250, an Audi Q, a Range Rover Evoque, and a Bentley are among Zari Hassan’s vehicles. She bought a Range Rover Evoque in 2018 with the help of Diamond Platnumz, who also helped her with the Bentley purchase.

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan First Husband

In the film Ivan Semwanga, Ivan Semwanga is a character. Ivan Semwanga, according to updates, was a Ugandan-born South African and also a socialite. He was a member of the notorious Rich Gang, which had a reputation in both South Africa and Uganda. Ivan was born in the year 1977 and passed away in the year 2017. He was married to Zari, and the two were together from 2011 until 2013 when the tragedy occurred. They also had children when he died.

Zari Hassan Brief Information

Zarinah Hassan’s full name is Zarinah Hassan.
age/how old: 41 years old.
Date of Birth: September 23, 1980
Jinja, Uganda is where She was born.
Jinja Girls High School is where she received her education.
September 23rd is her birthday.
Ugandan nationality
Nasur Hassan is the name of her father.
Halima Hassan is the name of her mother.
Zulema Hassan, Asha Hassan, Zara Hassan, and Abdul Karim Hassan are siblings.
No, she wasn’t married, but he was in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz.
Children/Kids: There are five children. Prince Nillan, Diddy, Quincy, Pinto, Latifah Dangote
Height/How tall: This information is still being updated.
The businesswoman is her occupation.
$4.4 million in net value

Frequently asked question

What Is Zari Hassan’s Profession?

As you all know, Zari Hassan is a musician and also she is an entrepreneur. She began singing at a very young age. She also performed in primary school, participated in community events, and even joined the dance, theatre, and music organizations in high school. However, then after traveling to London, she decided to pursue her education, also the entrepreneur took her on a sabbatical.

Is Zari the Boss Lady a Wealthy Woman?

Zari Hassan’s net worth is estimated and found to be $8.8 million, and this huge amount is making her one of East Africa’s wealthiest women, according to Information Cradle.

What Happened to Zari Hassan?

She is the proud CEO of Brooklyn City College (a diverse academic institution with many campuses), as well as the 5-star hotel she owns and operates in Kampala, Uganda, and the wealthy real estate corporation her late ex-husband left in her name.

What Is Zari Hassan’s Mother’s Name?

Hassan, Halima


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