When Can We Expect the Release Date of Gravity Falls Season 3? Updates You Need to Know!

Gravity Falls is an American animated mystery series. Alex Hirsch brings you the smartest cartoon series on Disney! You may watch the episodes on Netflix or Hotstar Kids.

Gravity Falls is one of Disney Channel’s most popular animated series. The mystery-comedy ran for two seasons on Disney from June 2012 to February 2016. The cartoon series’ writing, characters, comedy, and multi-generational appeal have been lauded.

The show has a wide range of youthful viewers. As well as three Annies and a BAFTA Children’s Award. Also, Gravity Falls was Disney XD’s top-rated show in 2015 and early 2016. So, Alex Hirsh is back for Gravity Falls Season 3! Find out by reading on!

Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel are the stars of Gravity Falls. Their summer vacations are spent with their great-uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. The town is full of mysterious beings and paranormal activity. In this way, the youngsters help their uncle Stan manage “The Mysterious Shack” while researching local mysteries.

When Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Coming Out?

The first season of Gravity Falls ran from June 15, 2012, to August 2, 2013, while the second ran from August 1, 2014, to February 15, 2016. The showrunners have yet to comment on the third season of Gravity Falls. It’s been years since the last release, so we’d expect an update or announcement by now, but no such luck.

Gravity Falls Season 3?

The show’s future is uncertain at this time, leading us to wonder if the second season was truly the last. On the official Gravity Falls Wikipedia page, the release section plainly states the debut episode and last episode dates (June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016), confirming the show has ended.

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Apparently, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is working on a spin-off episode, but this has yet to be confirmed. The news of a spin-off episode is intriguing, even though the series has finished. But let’s wait for an official announcement before making any assumptions.

The Storyline of Gravity Falls Season 3: What Happens in Gravity Falls?

This animated cartoon is about two 12-year-old cousins. Mabel and Dipper Pines are their names. The cousins plan to spend their summer vacations in the woods of ‘Gravity Falls.’

Gravity Falls Season 3?

They soon learn the town’s mysteries. This happens via a diary Dipper finds in the woods. They can enjoy the town and have fun throughout their summer vacations with the help of this diary.

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Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast

As of now, it is unknown whether Gravity Falls will have a third season, as the second season was rumored to be the series’ final installment. However, if a new season occurs, fans can anticipate seeing the same important characters from the previous season, which includes–

  • Dipper Pines is characterized by Jason Ritter.
  • Mabel Pines is played by Kristen Schaal in the film.
  • Grunkle Stan will be played by Alex Hirsch.
  • Wendy Corduroy is played by Linda Cardellini.
  • Soos Ramirez is portrayed by Alex Hirsch.
  • Pacifica Northwest will be portrayed by Jacki Buscarino Pacifica Northwest.
  • Stanford Pines will be portrayed by J.K. Simmons.
  • Bill Cipher is characterized by Alex Hirsch.

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When Will We See Gravity Falls Season 3?

Netflix has yet to release a Gravity Falls Season 3 trailer. Fans should not expect a peek unless the makers confirm it. We’ll let you know when we get formal confirmation and post the new season’s trailer.

What Happened Towards the End of the Show?

“Wierdmageddon” was the title of the penultimate episode of Gravity Falls Season 2, in which Stans’ brother Ford learned about Bill Cipher’s ambitions to take over the town. As a result, the Mystery Shack gang, which consisted of Stan, the kids, various inhabitants, and mysterious creatures, banded together to take Bill to task in a battle. They were successful in regaining control of the town from Bill, but a final showdown ended in the Pines family’s ultimate fate and a significant sacrifice.

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