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Upload season 2 is on the way, and for a worthwhile purpose. A new series from Greg Daniels, best known for his work on The Office US and Space Force, was condemned by many as a rip-off of A Good Place when it premiered in 2020 to critical acclaim.

The opposite was true: Upload stood on its own two feet, which isn’t unexpected given that Daniels had never seen Michael Schur‘s dream comedy.

In an interview with Collider in 2016, he said he had dinner with Mike and his wife “I believe.” This was my first draught, which I had just finished. In 2015, I had shopped it around the city and sold it to HBO. “I’m going to submit something tomorrow,” I told Mike. “I’m turning something in tomorrow, too,” was his follow-up statement. In the end, it was a happy ending. Having worked together for so long, our creative minds were thinking of the same thing, and we realized it.

In fact, I haven’t seen A Good Place yet,” says the fan. As soon as I realized that we were doing something in the same zone, I didn’t want to be influenced by it.”

Release Date of Upload Season 2

Upload Season 2

Upload season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 11, 2022, with all seven episodes available at that time. This comes at an opportune time, given that the show has been in the works for years, with substantial setbacks caused in large part by, you guessed it, the epidemic.

It was announced in May 2020 that the second season would air, with Greg Daniels saying in a statement: “I am happy to continue a terrific partnership with Amazon Studios and this brilliant ensemble and to find out what happens next to Nora, Nathan, and Ingrid and their 2033 universe.” Season 2, according to Amazon Studios’ head Jennifer Salke, will be a “clever, cinematic comedy crackling with suspense,” and the company is delighted that Greg’s passion project has gained such a committed fanbase.

When it comes to season two, Robbie Amell (Nathan Brown) explained that it had been “percolating in his thoughts for a very long time.” “And I believe that everybody who appreciated the first season will recognize that it will only continue to grow from there,” says the creator.

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Filming was officially completed in April 2021, with Robbie Amell, who plays Nathan, sharing a selfie of himself and his co-stars on the final day of production on social media.

The Cast of Upload Season 2

Thankfully, Nathan and Nora are back, as the show would be incomplete without them. As Andy Allo told The Hollywood Reporter, “You’re getting to watch these two guys who exist in different worlds come together, which I think is incredibly wonderful.

Upload Season 2

Josh Banday as Ivan has been named a season regular as well as Aleesha and Luke. Ingrid and her questionable father Oliver (Barclay Hope) are also there.

Fran Booth, Nathan’s cousin who is investigating his car accident, may or may not return as Elizabeth Bowen. Since we last saw her she was on a pier about to jump off the end of it, locked inside an autonomous vehicle.

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Other possible appearances include the following:

  • Jordan Johnson-Hinds in the role of Jamie
  • Nora’s father, Chris Williams Dave
  • Andrea Rosen in the role of Nora’s supervisor Lucy
  • Jessica Tuck in the role of Nathan’s mother Viv
  • As Lake View resident David Choak, William B Davis
  • Chloe Coleman in the role of Nevaeh, Nathan’s niece
  • Rhys Slack portrays Dylan, a child from Lakeview.

The Plot of Upload Season 2

While Greg Daniels hasn’t commented on the next chapter of Upload, fans should expect it to follow up where Season 1 ended. We only know this because Daniels said so.

Robert Amell told Comic Book Resources in September 2020 that the season might have “more supporting characters” than the previous year.

Amell anticipates seeing more of the supporting cast this season. It’s hard to believe that they’re just 16! My excitement is heightened by the fact that the program finished at a significant moment for many of the characters.

Ingrid’s upload into Lakeview and Nora’s confession of love are both expected to be dealt with in Season 2. Nathan’s afterlife will be anything from bliss, caught between his girlfriend and his life’s love.

One has yet to discover who is responsible for Nathan’s “death.” Who is guilty? Several aspects and angles remain unknown, including Ingrid’s own father ordering the hit.

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Is there something in Nathan’s last project that we can learn from? Nathan was determined to democratize the costly “upload” technology before his death. In other words, whatever Nathan was working on would have made uploading more inexpensive for all. So, as we saw in Upload Season 1, new technology is ready to be released (without Nathan’s help).

Trailer of Upload Season 2

Here, you can watch the trailer of upload season 2:

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