Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth With the List of Her Income Sources

Long before the epoch of moderns musicians and celebrities, Queen Elizabeth II was Britain’s best-known and most iconic figure, but where does the money that keeps her in the limelight come from?

Whereas many would still recognize Queen Elizabeth II by a mere glance but she is no longer as well-known as she once was. Instead, athletes, musicians, film stars, and YouTube personalities have eclipsed her in terms of perceived influence, while her wealth has continued to soar.

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth 2021

The Royal household has now published its yearly financial accounts for 2020-2021 providing an intriguing glimpse into the aristocratic life of English royalty. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Queen Elizabeth II has a net worth of $600 million.

Did You Know

  • Controls assets worth $28 billion can’t sell them.
  • An estimated $19 billion is held by the Crown Estate.
  • A profit of $450 million is generated annually by the Crown Estate; the taxpayer gets a quarter of that.
  • There is a $5 billion price tag on Buckingham Palace.
  • Has a net worth of at least $600 million.
  • Has two castles of his own: Sandringham and Balmoral.

Every Year Elizabeth II Receives Millions of Pounds From Sovereign Grant

The government provides Queen Elizabeth II a yearly lump sum known as the Sovereign Grant. 86.3 million pounds were disclosed as of the recent account disclosures for 2020. An estimate of 51 million pounds is set aside for official travel, property upkeep, and household operating costs for the Queen, with the remainder going toward Buckingham Palace renovations and refurbishing costs.


The Sovereign Grant, known to some by the title Civil List was an official agreement between King George 3, and the government in 1730. According to this. King George III  offered to share his revenue from Royal Household in order to reap an annual payment for himself and his successors.

The Queen’s private Funds Is Called The Privy Purse

The cash rolling in from the Duchy of Lancaster which rightfully belongs to the royal family for centuries serves as a portfolio of estate and other assets. According to Wall Street Journal UK correspondent Max Colchester, it has $715 million in net assets (including 18,433 hectares of land) comprised of residences and agricultural properties.

As reported by The Journal, this drew $27 million in revenue last year (£20.7 million). While the Sovereign Grant covers some of the costs associated with royal life, the British monarchy website states that this money is used to pay for expenses that aren’t covered by it.

Queen’s Net Worth is Bolstered By Several Other Significant Assets

Other critical resources that have been handed down from previous monarchs include the Sandringham, and Balmoral Estates, a humongous art collection, and other royal residences. According to The Journal, it’s hard to gauge Her Royal Highness’s total net worth because her property’s total value is unknown. As per the royal finance expert, the members of the royal family are “millionaires, not billionaires.”

Prince Charles Has a Major Income Stream of His Own

There are several assets held by the royal household that help to cover Prince Charles and his heirs’ expenses. The Duchy of Cornwall also covers the expenses of Megan and Harry, Kate and William, and their kids as well. According to The Journal, Charles gave them a total of £5 million in 2019. Most of the royal family’s wealth is controlled by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, according to Royal Family Journal.

Britain has a rich history from being an Anglo-Saxon State to finally becoming an independent one by King Æthelstan. The Country has seen centuries of bloody wars and has fostered some of the greatest and richest rulers. Elizabeth II is one of them. Though she longer serves an executive role or political role, she remains one of the most influential people in the world.

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