Change Days Season 2: Episode 9 Review And Many More!

In terms of big drama, this episode is very lacklustre as it consists mainly of protracted chats between the couples and the airing of the same filthy laundry. That being said, there are some honest chats that may keep you busy for hours.

Summing Up

After hearing how the episode begins, I honestly don’t know whether talking to a couple’s counselor or taking a break would be the best course of action for the majority of these people.

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Couples including Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-hyeon, Kim Tae-wan and Kim Hye-yeon, Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi, and Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Ji-yu are featured in the second season of Change Days. Other couples include Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi.

The ninth episode of Change Days season 2 begins with a potentially explosive situation. If everyone remembers the previous episode, in which Tae-wan had the audacity to choose to spy on his lover while she was on a date, this situation is a disaster waiting to happen, guys.


There are some wonderful instances of dialogue between the couples that I am still amazed to find out actually took place. However, that is only for the next few seconds. After that, every single conversation starts running in circles

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