Is Art Jimmerson’s Cause of Death Known? Exploring Jimmerson’s Life!

At the age of 60, UFC legend Art Jimmerson passed away, and the former boxer received an outpouring of tributes. Thursday, his son Christian issued a statement confirming the demise of their paternal figure, without disclosing the reason for his departure at this time.

“Dear Friends and Family, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Art Jimmerson,” Christian communicated. “Art was renowned for his devotion to boxing, family, and God.” His memory will be cherished by all those who knew him.

“A funeral service will be scheduled in honor of Art’s life.” Throughout this trying period, we express our sincere appreciation for the abundance of affection and assistance that has been extended to us. “May Art and his family continue to be in your thoughts and prayers.”

In 1993, Jimmerson participated in UFC 1, the inaugural event of the mixed martial arts competition, and gained notoriety due to his unique characteristic. He earned the moniker ‘One Glove’ by battling Royce Gracie at UFC 1 in Denver, Colorado while donning a solitary boxing glove. This enabled him to strike opponents with his exposed right knuckle and attempt knockouts.

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Jimmerson represented boxing on the UFC 1 program, which aimed to determine the most effective martial art. However, in two minutes and eighteen seconds, he was stopped by jiu-jitsu expert Gracie.

How Jimmerson Earned His Nickname ‘one Glove’?

The individual in question earned the moniker “One Glove” by squaring off against Royce Gracie at UFC 1 in Denver, Colorado while donning a solitary boxing glove.

Art Jimmerson Cause of Death

Jimmerson represented boxing on the card, which aimed to determine the greatest fighting discipline, but was stopped in two minutes and 18 seconds by jiu-jitsu expert Gracie.

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To strike opponents, he utilized a glove on his left hand, while opting to execute knockouts with his right left bare-knuckle. The boxer from St. Louis, nevertheless, became the inaugural UFC superstar to be submitted at UFC 1.

Tributes Pour in for Art Jimmerson

In a statement, UFC led the tributes to Jimmerson, expressing “sincere condolences at this difficult time.” Former UFC referee and current Bellator commentator John McCarthy, 61, praised the American for venturing into the unknown by transitioning from boxing to combat fighting.

“They may say whatever they want about Art Jimmerson. But Art Jimmerson was a man who pursued an art — boxing — and became extremely good at it,” McCarthy explained. “He was brave enough to take that art and test it against something he had no knowledge of.”

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