The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date: Will It Come Or Not?

The Equalizer (2021), the stunning crime drama show based on the action movie series, is back for a fourth season on CBS. Once more, Queen Latifah is leaving the screen with a fiery story.

The show is about a mom who is by herself. She helps poor people who have no one else to turn to. In the same way, her life is not going well either.

Since the show did well with viewers, it’s still unclear whether The Equalizer will return for a fifth season or be canceled by the company. This article will talk about everything.

Don’t read any further; this piece already has all the information you need about when and where to watch The Equalizer season 5.

The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date

Production reports say that season 5 of The Equalizer has not been approved yet. Since season 4 is still going on, there are no plans for a fifth season of The Equalizer right now.

But it’s not the production that decides if a season will be renewed; it’s how well the show does with critics and how many people watch it. Considering that the show has a good plot and the actors are very good.

 The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date

Also, season 4 has not been officially named the last one. Fans shouldn’t give up hope for season 5 of The Equalizer. If the show is picked up, season 5 of The Equalizer could come out early next year, in 2025.

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What Will Happen In The Equalizer Season 5

It’s hard to get into the themes of The Equalizer season 5 right now. The fourth season only had one show out. It’s hard to say what the next season will be like after only seeing one show.

Real events are used as fuel for the show. There will definitely be a lot of similar themes this season, like family problems, social problems, a sense of justice, and shocks. Yes, Robyn McCall will move right away to save the day for the victims.

We saw Dante tell Robyn how he felt about her in the previous season, so maybe impossible things will happen in the next season. One more thing we can see is that Delilah is investigating crimes like her mother did.

Who Will Be In Season 5 Of The Equalizer?

Character Cast
Queen Latifah Robyn McCall
Tory Kittles Marcus Dante
Adam Goldberg Harry Keshegian
Liza Lapira Melody
Laya DeLeon Hayes Delilah
Lorraine Toussaint Viola
Chris Noth William Bishop
Jennifer Ferrin Jennifer Ferrin

The Equalizer Season 4 Recap

The third season of The Equalizer (2021) finished on a very tense note. We saw that all of the main players were trapped and being held.

The room was filled with oil, and Mel, Harry, and Dante were chained to a chair. The room caught fire when someone threw a lit match at it. Michelle, the mean boss, made Robyn watch the whole thing happen right in front of her eyes, even though she had no idea what was going on.

But season 4, episode 1 proved they were saved. With Robyn’s help, Bishop Security went in and kept them safe. The CIA, on the other hand, needs to find Michelle.

The CIA might kill her if Robyn couldn’t find her in time. She had to figure out what was going on in Venezuela. Even though Robyn wanted to stop Michelle from getting back at Michelle, they ran into each other.

They got into sword fights, but Robyn came out on top. The CIA finally caught her, but she got away before she was taken to prison.

All of the charges against Dante were dropped. He is now healthy enough to join the NYPD again. Dante helped Mel find the criminals even though he was still in jail. He also helped Mel and Robyn find safe ways to get around all the possibilities.

The Equalizer Season 4 Recap

In the next scene, he is asked to join the NYPD again after his name is taken off of all the accusations. Bishop Security is watching over Delilah and Aunt Vi at the same time. One of them was asked how he got the job by Delilah.

It makes me wonder what will happen to Delilah next. She does say that she will be there with Aunt Vi no matter what, though.


Where To Watch The Show?

The Equalizer (2021) is a show made by CBS. Every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, The Equalizer 2021 airs. Live streams of it can also be found on the official Paramount+ page with Showtime. There are other ways to watch it, like on Apple TV and Prime Video.


The Equalizer, a crime drama show based on the action movie series, is returning for a fourth season on CBS. The show follows Queen Latifah, a mom who helps poor people and faces her own struggles.

Production reports indicate that season 5 has not been approved yet, but the show’s success with critics and viewership could lead to a potential release in early 2025.

The show will focus on themes of family, social issues, justice, and shock, with Robyn McCall playing a crucial role in saving victims. The show also features Delilah investigating crimes similar to her mother’s.

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