Poacher Season 2 Release Date: What Will Be The Cast And Storyline?

There aren’t many shows that aren’t made by National Geographic that are about protecting wildlife and nature in general.

There is a show about protecting wildlife in this piece. The show is about the elephant, which is one of the biggest land animals on Earth. You won’t want to miss the show because it’s likely unique. The show is called Poachers, and Richie Mehta was in charge of making it.

This article will talk about Season 2 of this show when it’s likely to come out, what it’s about, why it’s so popular, reviews and scores, and finally, where you can watch it! You should read the whole thing to find out everything!

Poacher Season 2 Release Date

Poachers Season 1, a crime drama show that was first made in Malayalam, will likely have a second season by next year. The first season of Poachers came out on February 23, 2024. Alia Bhatt is one of the show’s creative producers.

Poacher Season 2 Release Date 

Now that this show is very famous, we expect to hear more about Poachers and its upcoming follow-up.

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Poacher Season 2 Storyline

It’s clear that Raaz, the “main villain” of Season 1, is no longer alive. Instead, there is a much more dangerous mastermind who is trying very hard to remain unknown.

Mala told herself that she would see who was behind the race, but it’s going to be hard to do that. The main person behind the plot can kill anyone he thinks is trying to reveal him.

The main planner could be anyone, but it’s likely to be someone in power. It’s either a local MLA, the leader of a global gang, or, even worse, a high-level cop. This time, the stakes are much higher, but Mala, our main character, is going to make sure that the animals who can’t speak up get what’s coming to them.

Who Will Be In Season 2 Of Poacher?

Cast Character
Nimisha Sajayan Mala
Roshan Mathew Alan
Dibyendu Bhattacharya Neel
Ankith Madhav Vijay Babu
Kani Kusruti DFO Dina
Sooraj Pops Sooraj Pops
Sanoop Dinesh SHO Adil Sheikh
Ranjitha Menon Achala

Poacher Season 1 Recap

Raaz was the one who set up the illegal hunting rings. Raaz’s main customer was art collector Poonam Verma, who bought 75 kg of ivory from him. Ravi Don took care of his business and dealt with clients.

Agent Neel works with Mala, and Mala tells Alan Joseph to keep an eye on the hunters’ call logs. It is found that the ivory business may be linked to foreign crime groups such as the Triads and the Yakuza.

It turned out that Mala wanted to catch the poachers because her dad used to hunt animals illegally. She wanted to put an end to the family tradition. With the help of suspect Morris Finn, who is close with Raaz, the cops can find out where Raaz is.

The cops found Raaz’s sister and mistress at the scene. The mistress tried to lie to the police about where Raaz really was, but Shyam Raaz’s nephew told them that he was in Magdu and would be taking the Sagar Express to meet his daughter.

Poacher Season 1 Recap

A plantation farmer named Raaz used to work at Magdu in Mani’s land. His body was found hanging from a tree there. There was a suicide note that said he killed himself because of worry, but Mala didn’t believe it.

She thinks that Raaz was killed so he couldn’t figure out who was really running the ivory poaching ring. In the end, the cops found more than 360 kg of ivory. In the end, we see police officers looking at a group of elephants. Mala tells herself that she will speak up for the animals who can’t speak for themselves.

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Where To Watch The Show?

You can only watch the show on Amazon Prime Video. Right now, this show can only be watched on Amazon Prime Video and no other streaming service. People in over 250 countries, such as India, the UK, and the USA, can now watch this show.

You can watch the show with English subtitles in Malayalam and Hindi. You can watch Season 1 of Poacher for free for 30 days on Amazon Prime Video.

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