Nancy Travis Husband: And Explore About Her Career And Family

In movies and TV shows like “3 Men and a Baby,” Nancy Travis has wowed viewers with her acting skills and her good looks.

Nancy Travis’s Bio And Early Life

Natasha Ann Travis was born in New York on September 21, 1961. She grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, and Baltimore, Maryland. She loved playing from a very young age.

Nancy’s parents, Theresa and Gordon Travis encouraged her to follow her dreams, so she started acting in school plays and plays at the neighborhood theater.

She followed her interest even more after high school by going to New York University and getting a degree in fine arts in 1983.

Nancy Travis’s Husband

Nancy Travis is married to American film director Robert Fried. After she did well in “Three Men and a Baby,” they met at Columbia Pictures, where Robert worked.

Nancy Travis Husband

They got married in 1994 and have two boys, Benjamin and Jeremy. Nancy and Robert have a close relationship with their family and often choose to spend time with them over going to fancy events.


Nancy Travis’s Career

Soon after college, Nancy Travis started working as a professional actress. She went on tour with “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and was in commercials.

Her big break came when she was in TV movies like “Mischief in Wonderland” (1985) and “Harem” (1986).

In 1987, though, her role as Sylvia Bennington in the hit movie “Three Men and a Baby” made her famous.

In the follow-up, “Three Men and a Little Lady” (1990), she played the same part again. She then went on to be in other movies and TV shows, showing how versatile and talented she was.

Nancy Travis Networth

Nancy Travis has been an actress for decades and is thought to be worth $2 million.

Nancy Travis Networth

This honor comes from her love of and work in the entertainment industry, where she has been in a number of famous movies and TV shows.

Nancy Travis Parents

The wonderful American actor Nancy Travis was born in New York City. Theresa Travis is a social worker and Gordon Travis is a sales executive.

She lived in Framingham, Massachusetts, and then Baltimore, Maryland, as a child. A Bachelor of Arts degree was earned by Nancy Travis from New York University.

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