When Will Assassins Pride Season 2 Come Out: What Will Be The Storyline And Cast?

Assassins Pride is an anime that came out in 2019 and has been liked by fans ever since. It is not the same as Assassin’s Creed. Ani fans loved the first season, and since then, there have been a lot of requests for a new one.

It is now 2024, and fans of Assassin’s Pride have been asking where season 2 is. That’s why they began their own investigation.

Fans spent hours looking for information about the next season of Assassin’s Pride on the internet, but they couldn’t find anything useful. That’s where we come in to help.

We will talk about all the information we have about when Season 2 of Assassin’s Pride will come out, including any hints and recaps.

When Will Season 2 Of Assassin’s Pride Be Out?

Even though Assassin’s Pride came out in 2019, fans are still looking forward to seeing another season after a long break. Since the cartoon was so great and fans want to know what’s going on with season 2, we have some bad news.

In fact, even though it’s been a long time since the series came out, Assassin’s Pride has still not been brought back for a short season. The company hasn’t told us when the next season of the anime will air, which is disappointing because we really want to see it.

Assassins Pride Season 2 Release Date

Should we have to guess when the anime will come back, we both agree that Assassins Pride will come back sometime in 2025. In any case, there has been no news from the studio that confirms the show has been canceled, so fans should not jump to conclusions.

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What Will Happen In Assassin’s Pride Season 2?

Still, volume 6 of the manga that the anime is based on might be used to adapt the story for season 2.

So, the story will follow Melida, Kufa, and Rosetti as they try to figure out what strange things have happened with a weapon that was supposed to protect against attacks from the night world by going to the ocean with a ship. Ruler Mordew, Melida’s grandfather, says that Melida has died on a certain day.

Who Will Be In Season 2 Of Assassin’s Pride As Casting?

Character Cast
Vampir, Kufa Ono, Yuuki
Angel, Melida Kusunoki, Tomori
Pricket, Rosetti Yabuuchi, Marina
Angel, Elise Ishikawa, Yui
La Mor, Mule Uchida, Maaya
Shicksal, Salacha Waki, Azumi
Madia, Black Tokui, Sora
Gin, Williams Suzuki, Tatsuhisa

Season 1 Recap Of Assassin’s Pride?

Melida stirs in a court that looks like the Sovereign of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Donkey, Serge Schicksal, and the other good groups of Flandore are in charge of the court.

Serge says that Melida led everyone astray because she is an unplanned child of the Holy Messenger family, which caused the judges to mix up the cases and insult her. She says that she is a benefit to the Holy Messenger family and that she will show this by getting strong enough to join the Peak Army.

Serge agrees with the request and encourages Melida to fight Salacha to show how valuable she is. Salacha’s Dragoon class cornered Melida at first, but she used Kufa’s planning and bluffed tumbling cockeyed to catch Salacha off guard and beat her.

The jury starts to doubt their claims and worries about the outcomes of their actions until Serge appears out of nowhere with a magical pen that changes into a huge winged ink snake.

As the young women empty the lords, Serge is revealed to be a Society Grimace member who was just hiding and said he was Melida’s dad.

As he goes after the girls, Kufa appears and blocks the attack, which lets him and Melida work together to beat the man in the veil.

Assassins Pride Season 1 Recap

The man wakes up in real life next to Serge, who is sad that their plans didn’t work out and kills the person for failing. A short time later, Melida’s dad, Felgus, shows up to check on the Army. He later tells Melida that a distant family friend was in the Samurai class.

He comes to the conclusion that Melida was born a Samurai instead of a Paladin, but he still knows she is his girl. In a moment, Melida will meet Kufa and promise to be able to protect him at some point in the near future, backing his decision to go with her.

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Where Can We Watch The Show?

Someone wants to watch Assassins Pride if they missed it the first time around or just learned about it. Their problem is that they don’t know which platform the show is on, which is why we’re here to help.

Assassins Pride can be streamed on HiDive. If you have a membership to the OTT service, you can watch the first season of the anime. Once you sign up for HiDive, you’ll be able to watch Assassins Pride and other popular shows.

As long as your HiDive subscription is still valid, you can stream these anime from the comfort of your couch.

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