Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Release Date: Will It Come Or Not? Check Out The Story And Cast

Tokyo Ghoul, based on the manga with the same name that has sold as many as 47 million copies, is once again in the news about a possible fourth installment. It is one of the most well-known cartoons of all time.

After all this time, is Season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul really coming out? As we all know, Tokyo Ghoul’s last season came out in 2018. The studio then announced that Season 3 would be the last season of this famous horror anime.

Now, though, word of Season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul is going around like wildfire, and fans are guessing what to expect from the new season.

We’re here with a new story about Tokyo Ghoul news, including the show’s new season, its original plot, how it ended, what fans have to say, the studio that made it, and where you can watch it. So read all the way through.

When Does Season 4 Of Tokyo Ghoul Come Out?

First, let’s make this clear: Tokyo Ghoul had three parts at first. That first part is called Tokyo Ghoul. Season two is called Tokyo Ghoul: √A, and Season three is called Tokyo Ghoul: re. From April 3, 2018, to June 19, 2018, the third season was off the air.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Release Date

The second season of this third season came out on October 9, 2018, and finished on December 25, 2018. It was called Tokyo Ghoul: re 2. The creators of the show said that the third long season would be the last one and there would be no Season 4.

When Will Tokyo Ghoul English Dub Come Out?

You can already watch Tokyo Ghoul English dubs for Seasons 1 through 4 on Netflix and Funimation, the official website of the show’s license holder. Travis Austin does the voice of Ken Kaneki, Sean Hennigan does the voice of Yoshimura, and Aron Robert does the voice of Uta.

Joel McDonald, J. Michael Tatum, Clifford Chapin, Phil Parsons, and others have also done voice work for the English dub. While you are reading this you may also like to know the release date of the Fallout TV Series 

What Will Happen In The Season 4 Of Tokyo Ghoul?

There is a happy finish in the last season of Tokyo Ghoul season 4. Kaneki beats Furata, the last bad guy, and tells him that he would never have chosen Furata’s way of life, no matter how sad and bad the world is.

He frees Rize when he realizes that her body is the core’s source of power. People and ghouls can finally live together in peace. There is happiness in Touka’s life with her husband, Ken Kaneki, and their daughter, Ichika Kaneki.

Some of Kaneki’s friends died near the end, but most of them were still alive. Naki also comes back to life!

Who Will Be In The Fourth Season Of Tokyo Ghoul?

Here is the list:

Character Cast
Haise Sasaki Natsuki Hanae
Haise Sasaki Austin Tindle
Kuki Urie Adam Gibbs
Mutsuki Mikaela Krantz
Saiki Yonebayashi Sarah Wiedenheft
Ginzi Shirazu Daman Mills
Akira Morgan Laure
Kuki Urie Kaito Ishikawa

What Did Season 3 Of Tokyo Ghoul Finish With?

Too bad that the third season of Tokyo couldn’t make fans remember it for a long time. Instead, it made them worry, so they turned to the manga to find out what was going on.

So, Season 3’s story starts with Ken Kaneki having amnesia and going through life as Haise Sasaki while working for the CCG. Ken Kaneki’s memories come back thanks to the work of his teachers Arima Kishou and Akira Mado.

We learn about the Quinx Project, which turns people into half-ghouls so they can fight the real ghouls. These half-ghouls are stronger than real ghouls because they have two Kagune, which are Ghoul weapons. One is natural, and the other was given to them by the CCG.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Recap

Also, Kaneki’s old friends want to protect him from the CCG, which they also call the “Dope.” Another agency is shown to us. This one is run by a zombie named Aogiri Tree.

The ghouls are always after Ayato’s sister, and he has to protect her. In the most important scene, Eto Yoshimura charges CCG, and Kaneki recovers from his amnesia in the middle of the chaos.

After getting better, Kaneki faces a ghoul with only one eye that the CCG had locked up before. Hinami is jailed by CCG at the end of the season, and Kaneki is in charge of keeping his sister safe while she is in their care.

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Where Can We Watch The Show?

Episodes 1 through 4 of Tokyo Ghoul can be seen on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu. Tokyo Ghouls does not have the right to show Tokyo, so you can’t watch it there.

To watch this show on Netflix, you need to sign up and pay. You can try Hulu and Prime Video for free for 30 days, though. Now you can watch all of Tokyo Ghoul at once!

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