What Happened to Amanda Hanson? A Memphis News Anchor and Digital Leader

What Happened to Amanda Hanson? A well-liked news anchor from Arkansas who worked at Action News 5 in Memphis has died. She was 38 years old. Amanda Hanson died too soon, and her coworkers at both sites are remembering her.

How did Amanda get lost? Unfortunately, not much is known about the dedicated reporter’s death. Here is what we do know, along with what friends are saying about the sad loss.

What Happened to Amanda Hanson?

Amanda was an important part of the Memphis Action News 5 team before she died. In 2021, the young reporter became the station’s Leader of Digital Innovation. People who worked with her will remember her “infectious energy,” “unwavering dedication,” and “innovative spirit.”

The station said, “Aside from her professional achievements, Amanda was a truly remarkable person.” There was also talk about how Amanda had just married her husband Darren.

What Happened to Amanda Hanson?

She used to work at KAIT News, which said, “Amanda was a great journalist and dear friend to many.” In both statements, it was only said that she had a medical emergency and later died from complications.

What Caused Amanda Hanson’s Death?

Specifics about how Amanda died are not being shared at this time; only that she had health problems that led to her death.

People can make guesses about what happened, but there was no more information for the many watchers who were shocked to learn that Amanda was missing.

Fans and former coworkers are posting their thoughts online until more information comes out.

A past boss tweeted, “We at Flinn Broadcasting are saddened by the death of Amanda.” Amanda was a weekend DJ for our team for a while in the early 2000s. She had a unique spirit, loved life, and was very close to her family. We are praying for her husband and their family.

“I feel so bad for her and her family. “She was nice and sweet,” a fan said.

We are saddened by Amanda’s death, just like all of her coworkers and fans. Our thoughts are with her family.

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Arkansas news anchor Amanda Hanson, who worked at Action News 5 in Memphis, has died at 38. She was the station’s Leader of Digital Innovation and had a medical emergency.

Friends and coworkers are remembering her and her family, and her death is being mourned by her coworkers and fans.

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