Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together? The Love Is Blind Couple Confirms Their Relationship Status

Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together? Reality TV couples Kwame and Chelsea got a lot of attention and stories about their relationship as they talked about the ups and downs of relationships. Their romantic journey was shown to viewers as part of a reality show, which built tension and interest.

Reality TV makes relationships and feelings more clear, so fans are interested in what will happen to their relationship. Let us look at Kwame and Chelsea’s ups and downs in their relationship and wonder if their love lasted beyond the carefully scripted reality TV shows.

Are Chelsea and Kwame still together?

They are still married, yes. This season, one thing that caused trouble was Kwame moving to Seattle and Chelsea finally meeting his mother. “There was some real family time,” Kwame said. And that’s the end of it for now. Chelsea and my mom had a good first meeting. From there, it’s all about moving forward.

Besides that, my love life is going great. It’s fun to get married! Chelsea tells WH right before her ATA starts that it’s hard, but also a lot of fun and the most satisfying thing she’s ever done.

Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together?

“We’ve been focusing on spending significant amounts of time with our families, which has been a wonderful blessing. We look forward to creating more memories with our large families.”

Who is Kwame from Season 4 of Love is Blind?

The 33-year-old Kwame Appiah works as a Sales Development Manager in Seattle. On Instagram, he goes by @ayokwam. “We all just want to be happy,” his Instagram bio said when season 4 of Love Is Blind came out.

“Hey everyone! I’m excited to be a part of the @loveisblindnetflix season 4 cast!” On March 24, get some drinks and popcorn, and watch @netflix. Come on, get it!” In March 2023, Kwame wrote on Instagram that he was on season 4 of Love Is Blind. In a March 2023 video announcing the group for Love Is Blind season 4, Kwame said he wanted someone fun and full of life.

On LinkedIn, Kwame says that he got his BBA in marketing from Goldey-Beacom College in 2015. He got his Master of Business Administration in Business Administration and Management from Goldey-Beacom College in 2017.

During the fourth season of Love Is Blind, he was in charge of building communities at Common Room. In the past, Kwame worked as the Head of Business Development at and as the Business Development Manager at Zoominfo.

Kwame is a professional photographer who takes pictures at weddings, baby shoots, engagements, proposals, graduations, landscapes, and cars.

Who is Chelsea from Season 4 of Love is Blind?

The 31-year-old Chelsea Griffin is a speech-language pathologist for kids from the Seattle, Washington, area. She goes by the name @the.chelseagriffin on Instagram. SLP for kids and a dog owner.

Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together?

Self-love, Expression, and Empowerment were what her Instagram bio said when season 4 of Love Is Blind started.

“Yes, that’s right .” I’m finally able to tell you that I’ll be in Season 4 of Love is Blind. Along with me, we can look for Mr. Right together. In the Instagram post’s caption, she wrote, “Get ready and mark your calendars for March 24!!!”

This meant that she would be in Love Is Blind season 4 in March 2023. In March 2023, Chelsea said in a film introducing the cast of Love Is Blind season 4 that he was looking for someone hot, seductive, and honest.


Reality TV couples Kwame and Chelsea have been the subject of much attention and speculation, with their relationship being portrayed on the show. Despite some setbacks, they remain married. Kwame, a Sales Development Manager, moved to Seattle and Chelsea met his mother, allowing for some family time.

Chelsea, a speech-language pathologist, expressed her desire for someone hot, seductive, and honest. Both have worked in various roles, including building communities at Common Room and Zoominfo.

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