Who Was Rosalie Jean Willis? The Forgotten First Wife of Charles Manson

Who Was Rosalie Jean Willis? Let’s look into Rosalie Jean Willis’s interesting life. She is known for making important accomplishments in many areas, and her story is truly captivating.

This post will talk about different parts of Rosalie Jean Willis’s life, such as her accomplishments, her interests, and the good things she’s done for other people.

Join us as we learn about the interesting life of Rosalie Jean Willis, a person whose strength, imagination, and determination to make a difference are on full display.

Who Was Rosalie Jean Willis?

Charles Manson was an American criminal who led the infamous Manson Family group. His first wife was Rosalie Jean Willis.

He was 20 years old when she married him in a small wedding at her parents’ house in West Virginia in 1955. She was 15 years old.

But they split up when Manson went to jail for car theft. Charles Manson Jr. was their son, born in April 1956. She got married again and had two more kids, but they all died before she did.

When did Rosalie Jean Willis Die?

She died on August 21, 2009, in Green Valley, Pima, Arizona. She was seventy years old. She was buried in the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, Clark, Nevada, in the United States. When she died, she was 72 years old.

Who is Rosalie Jean Willis’s Parents?

Rosalie Jean Willis was born in 1939 in Benwood, Marshall, West Virginia, USA. Her father, Clarence E. Willis Sr., was 34 years old and her mother, Virginia Mae McNinch, was 26 years old. She was young when her parents split up.

Willis worked as a cook in a hospital. She was one of three girls and had a brother. In the early 1950s, her father, a coal worker, became friends with a young man who had moved to Charleston, West Virginia, with his mother, Kathleen Maddox.

From 1940 to 2009, she lived in Green Valley, Otago, New Zealand. In 1940, she lived in Union District, Marshall, West Virginia, USA. Rosalie Willis had a hard time at work. Her life wasn’t too exciting or interesting.



Rosalie Jean Willis, a captivating woman, married Charles Manson in 1955. They had two children, but all died before her. Born in 1939, she worked as a cook in a hospital and lived in various locations from 1940 to 2009.

She died in 2009 in Arizona. Willis’s strength, imagination, and determination to make a difference are evident in her life.

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