Ambitions Season 2 Release Date: Why OWN Canceled the Drama Series?

Ambitions Season 2 Release Date: “Nothing can stop you when your goal is the most important thing.” This point is strongly made in the American show Ambitions. People say the show is a soap story with a lot of family drama. The first episode aired on the OWN channel in 2019.

A lot of people were interested in Ambitions because they had complicated relationships, never-ending plots, and lies. Also, some people enjoy family shows. That’s why this kind of material is always thought to have a bright future. After season 1, fans are excited for season 2 of Ambitions. They haven’t heard about the tragedy in a while.

It was Jamey Giddens and Will Packer who worked together on Ambitions. The soap series was paid for by Lionsgate Television and Will Packer Productions. The first part aired on Oprah Winfrey Network on June 18, 2019.

In the end, OWN bought the rights for another half. It takes place in Georgia and is about two families who don’t get along. Both come from wealthy families and have a lot of political backing.

Will There Be a Second Season of Ambitions?

Not long after the first season came out, Ambitions got involved in a bad situation. The OWN station said that the show would not be continuing. It said that there would be no more seasons of the show.

The channel did not give a good explanation, though. Additionally, the official team did not provide a strong reason. Before fans’ hopes could have grown, OWN shattered every option. People on social media used sad emojis to show how they felt.

Ambitions Season 2 Release Date

But Tina Perry, president of OWN, told the whole Ambitions team how grateful she was. She thought the weekly shows were great and interesting. Tina thought the makers were very creative.

The president wanted to work with the team again in the future. Perry added that she would love to work with other people on other projects.

How did the Cast feel about the Cancellation of Ambitions Season 2?

Soon after OWN ended the drama show, Robin Givens, who played the lead role, posted on Instagram about how sad she was. “Found out last week” that the show wouldn’t be coming back, she said.

The post has been removed, which is a shame. Jamey Giddens, who co-created the show, also went on Twitter (now called X) to confirm the cancellation news. According to Jamey, making this kind of show was fun.

He will always be thankful to LionsgateTV and Will Power Packer Media for giving him the chance to tell stories about black and brown people.

Gibbens told a fan who asked why Season 2 of Ambitions was canceled, “Our show was the No. 1 in black households.” Also, he said that twice as many people watched the drama series as any of the other OWN shows.

Not only that, but it was “critically acclaimed” and quickly picked up by the network. Still, this accident happened. Gibbens ended by saying, “Your guess is as good as mine,” which seemed to imply that Ambitions was having some trouble off-screen.

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The Reason Why Season 2 of Ambitions Was Canceled

Reports say that “viewership to blame” is the main reason why the show was canceled, but the network hasn’t said so yet. When the show started, 1.2 million people watched it. In the test, the pilot episode got a score of 0.3.

But the numbers went down throughout the season. A total of 0.6 million people watched the ending, which got a 0.1 rating. Compared to the pilot show, that wasn’t as good.

The show did better in Live+SD ratings, with an average of 0.2 rating and 0.7 million viewers. This was better than David Makes Man, which only got 0.4 million watchers and a 0.1 rating in the demo.

Despite that, OWN picked up David Makes Man for a second season. Many people thought OWN did the drama series an injustice by canceling Season 2, but one Redditor agreed with the choice.

Someone on Reddit said that Robin Givens’ act was great, but the show was lacking in content. The story wasn’t told well, and it was a total mess. “It was so bad that it was even worse than a daytime soap opera,” one Redditor said.

A Petition to Renew the Series Was Signed

There is a separate fan group for the show, and people who loved it can’t wait for Ambitions Season 2. People also signed a protest on on June 3, 2022. The goal was to get 1,000 signatures.

Ambitions Season 2 Release Date

So far, though, only 661 people have signed it. People also signed the plea to bring Ambitions back to BET. There’s no proof, though, that this will happen. We will let you know soon, though.

Why Might Season 2 of Ambitions Have Happened the Way It Did?

Here in Georgia, there are people with a lot of money and power in politics. Ambitions are all about two families like this, who are standing next to each other. You have to deal with a lot of tough competition in both your personal and work life.

Titus was hurt in a hit-and-run case in season 1. Amara wasn’t ready to accept because the accident was so bad. Titus’ accident looked like it was meant to go wrong. He wanted Amara to know about it.

He tried to speak, but before he could, he passed out and drowned. Rondell, on the other hand, had a problem with his company shares. His niece gave Greg Peters her shares. Rondell was in a tough spot after her sudden move.

At the same time, Stephanie and Evan talked about the love kid. Their wedding didn’t end for good. Evan’s plans to run for office also became less clear.

In the second season, there would have been more action between the families’ rivalries. Season 1 saw a lot of broken relationships and people being lied to. Ambitions season 2 could have looked into Amara’s relationship with Titus.

Also, a few questions that were still open must have been answered. Why did Titus say that his accident wasn’t something that could have been avoided? What else did Stephanie and Amara plan? Queries like these had a chance of being looked at.

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Who Would Have Come Back for the Next Season?

Ambitions had a big group of cast players. Aside from the major actors, the drama had a long list of famous actors playing other roles or supporting roles. Robin Givens had the best chance of coming back as Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster.

Without her, there was no reason to expect season 2. Along with her, Essence Atkins’s Amara Hughes was another important figure. Kendrick Cross could have written his name as Titus Hughes on his ticket in the second movie.

Fans also thought that Brian J. White would play Evan Lancaster, Jr. again. Last but not least, Brely Evans may have come back as Rondell Pauline Lancaster.

Ambitions Season 2: Release Date

Since OWN officially ended the show, there won’t be a season 2 any time soon. There are, however, several cases of shows whose fates were changed by an unexpected return.

It’s possible that Ambitions Season 2 could happen if the network changes its mind. But that won’t be possible in the next few years.

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