Are Andy Cohen and John Mayer Dating? Why They Love Each Other But Not in That Way

Are Andy Cohen and John Mayer Dating? Andy Cohen and John Mayer have both been in the news. which has made everyone wonder if they’re dating. The show’s executive producer is also getting a lot of attention on the internet after he came out as gay, which made Anderson Cooper laugh out loud.

Putting this aside, the real question is: How true is it that Andy Cohen and John Mayer are dating?

John Mayer and Andy Cohen both do one thing that brings them together before we go any further. It is the rock band “Grateful Dead.” They got to know each other through a friend. You didn’t know that their friends were on tour with them in 2015.

Besides that, it was said that John and Andy were going to buy a house together in the Hamptons.

Who is Andy Cohen?

Andy Cohen is a name no one has ever heard of. He got his second big break when he was hired to lead the late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live! He was born in Missouri and is now 55 years old.

Are Andy Cohen and John Mayer Dating

AHS: Delicate, Gossip Girl, Riverdale, and Inside Amy Schumer are just a few of the well-known shows Andy has been in.

The voice of Isaac Calderon was also done by Andy Cohen in “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.” He has also been the host of the popular show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen since 2009.

Who is John Mayer?

From Bridgeport, Connecticut, he is a great singer. John Mayer was born in 1977,  So, he is 46 years old now. His 2017 album, The Search for Everything, came out. Did you not hear it? It’s something you should do.

A lot of other well-known songs, like “Queen of California,” “In the Blood,” “Love on the Weekend,” “Paradise Valley,” and more, also have John in them. Lots of people know John Mayer because he won a lot of Grammys.

Fans are sure that Andy Cohen and John Mayer are dating, even though rumors say otherwise. People think that they are now trying to hide the fact that they might be dating everyone with these words.

They’ve been friends for a long time, which you should already know. The question now is why they said they were dating. What kinds of dates do Andy Cohen and John Mayer have? We know this.

Are John Mayer and Andy Cohen Dating Each Other?

It was said that Andy Cohen and John Mayer were dating, but it was just a fling at first. Like how they used to joke that John and them would have kids. They are deeply in love with each other and aren’t seeing anyone else. That was said by the host of The Howard Stern Show.

Are Andy Cohen and John Mayer Dating

Andy Cohen told him, “I love John Mayer.” We love each other a lot.” He also said that they had never slept together, which put an end to those rumors. In simple terms, they are “sweet” friends.

In an interview, Andy talked about John and said that he is very in touch with how he feels. “He’s someone who can say things like ‘I love you, I cherish you, and I cherish our friendship,'” he added. “That’s not always something straight guys should say.”

A lot of people on the internet said they were dating, which Andy Cohen said didn’t surprise him. Why? They love each other very much, that’s why. Hence, the news stories seemed like an “obvious assumption.”

When it comes to love, it’s not always about romance. It’s possible for two friends to love and care about each other.

People thought that Andy and John were still dating because John’s white shirt was seen being fixed by Andy’s mother. After that, Andy said, “My mom does everything she can to help other house guests!” That wasn’t romantic at all; it was just a lot of love for a friend. They’re like family and friends at the same time.

I hope that Andy Cohen and John Mayer both have a great week. We hope they always have such a strong bond.


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