Angus Mitchell Net Worth: A Look at the Life and Business of the Late Hairstylist

Angus Mitchell Net Worth: We are very sorry to tell you that Angus Mitchell, the son of famous hairdresser Paul Mitchell, has died. Friends and family of Angus were very saddened by his death. Hearing the news of his death has broken their hearts.

Fans are interested in Angus’s net worth now that he has died. They’d like to know how much he made before he died. This post has everything you need to know about Mitchell’s death and his wealth.

Who is Angus Mitchell?

People will always remember Angus Mitchell, who is the only son of the famous hairstylist Paul Mitchell and co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS).

The news of his sudden and sad death at age 53, found in the swimming pool at his home in Honolulu, has shocked the people he had a big impact on.

Angus Mitchell Net Worth

In this tribute, we look into Angus Mitchell’s life, what he did for the beauty industry, how he died too soon, and what he left behind.

How Much Did Angus Mitchell Have in Wealth Before He Died?

When he died, Angus Mitchell was said to have had a net worth of about $6 million. His net worth comes from the work he has done to make his dad’s business more successful.

What Sources of Income Did Angus Mitchell Have?

Angus Mitchell ran a lot of successful businesses, even though he was best known as Paul Mitchell’s son. His father ran a hair treatment business called “John Paul Mitchell Systems,” which he co-owned. Along with its haircare line, the business runs several cosmetology and hairdressing schools around the world.

He also opened the Angus Mitchell Salon in 2010. John Paul Mitchell Systems has a wide range of beauty items that can be used for styling, hair care, and other things. The company has helped with many charitable projects and promotes practices that are good for the earth and last.

Angus Mitchell Net Worth

In his spare time, Angus Mitchell helped out at the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation, Child and Family Service, and other causes. He also did things for the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii. A long time ago, Angus said that he had always wanted to become a professional like his father. He talked about the reasons for it and said:

“I’ve always known I wanted to honor my dad and learn more about the business and field.” On the other hand, having the last name Mitchell made things longer for me. My work was looked over closely in beauty school, which made me doubt myself. Respect and chances must be won; they are not a right, no matter what your birthright is.

Angus Mitchell also talked about how happy he was with his job, his sense of self-worth, and his skills and abilities. He went on to say that he wants everyone to be as excited about the beauty business as he is.

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Death of Angus Mitchell?

Mitchell passed away on January 3, 2024. He was 53 years old. He was reportedly found dead in a pool at his Honolulu, Hawaii, home.

The exact reason he died has not been found yet. Before he died, Angus posted a few videos to his Instagram Story and was seen having fun with his friends. He put up a picture of himself with his family on social media three days ago with the words:

“Who’s ready to wrap 2023 and head into the new year?! Cheers to 2024 from my family to yours #nye #celebration #kobeyear.”

Angus Mitchell’s wife Mara and their son Dylan from his first marriage to Sian are the ones who will miss him.

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Angus Mitchell, the son of famous hairdresser Paul Mitchell, has died at the age of 53. He was co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), a hair treatment business, cosmetology and hairdressing schools, and the Angus Mitchell Salon. Mitchell had a net worth of about $6 million before his death.

He had worked to make his father’s business more successful, including donating to charitable projects and the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation. Mitchell’s wife Mara and son Dylan will miss him.

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