Berlin Season 2 Release Date: Will It Happen? Everything We Know

Berlin Season 2 Release Date: A prequel to Money Heist, Berlin has helped the popular Spanish show become a real Netflix brand. Will there be a season 2? Berlin takes place years before the events of Money Heist.

It’s about the main character during his so-called “golden age,” when he puts together a crew and tries to pull off a risky heist at a Paris auction house.

The show is meant to give more information about the well-known character Berlin. It’s about both the exciting heist and the difficult relationship between Berlin’s job and his search for love.

The official reviews of the new series have been pretty average so far, with many critics saying it’s too similar to the original series, which is bad (via The Washington Post).

But what matters for shows like Money Heist is how well they do with viewers, and that’s how streaming services like Netflix judge shows. Netflix won’t likely wait long to add more seasons to Berlin if it turns out to be as popular as the original show.

There is No Confirmation of Berlin Season 2

Netflix has not yet renewed Berlin for a second season because the show is still fairly new. Even though the first reviews weren’t too great, the real test will be how people react and how many people watch it.

Berlin Season 2 Release Date

If Berlin does as well with viewers as its predecessor, Money Heist, it will only be a matter of time before more shows are made. But the long time it took to make Berlin season 1 might continue if the show is picked up for a second season.

Berlin Season 2 Cast

After the first season, the characters were in an interesting place, and the whole group of Berlin season 1 could come back. If there is a season 2, Pedro Alonso as Berlin would most likely be back.

The way the first season ended made it seem like he planned to get his group back together for more adventures. Fans can expect to see the group get back together, and it’s also likely that some new people will join.

With all of that in mind, the most likely group for Berlin season 2 would be:

Actor Berlin Role
Tristán Ulloa Damián
Samantha Siqueiros Camille
Michelle Jenner Keila
Begoña Vargas Cameron
Julio Peña Fernández Roi
Joel Sánchez Bruce

Plot Details for Berlin Season 2

Berlin is a perfect thief, so it’s not a surprise that he and his friends got away with their jewel heist by the end of season 1, even though things got rough for a while. Berlin and his crew were planning another big job in the last scene, and it’s possible that the Berlin series could be set up so that each season is a heist.

It’s impossible to guess what the heist will be about, but the first season did present some romantic subplots that could be developed in later episodes.

Berlin Season 2 Release Date

Even though Berlin and Camille’s relationship ends on a somewhat good note, it’s clear that they don’t trust each other, which could lead to a rift in season 2. Also, Berlin’s right-hand man Damián is having trouble with his relationships, and his anger at Berlin could cause problems in the group.

There will almost certainly be more characters in Berlin season 2, and those new characters could make things difficult for the new couples that formed in season 1.

While waiting for the premiere of the Berlin Season 2, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Criminal Code Season 2 and Money Heist Season 6.

Is Berlin Bad in Money Heist?

In the Spanish Netflix show Money Heist, Berlin is the bad guy. Andres de Fonollosa is Berlin’s real name, and he was the one who watched over everything in Part 1. He was the main bad guy in Parts 3–5 because he planned the heist and took part in it. But what he did in Part 2 made him a complex anti-hero.

The creator of the show, Álex Pina, says Berlin is a bad guy. This is what Pina told Oprah Daily in 2021:

“He’s a misogynist, a psychopath, egocentric, a narcissist, a delinquent, a r*pist.”

Some people, though, find him pretty cute and even feel like they can connect to him. It’s also clear to his fans that he’s committed to his complex plans. In charge of the “greatest robbery ever,” his half-brother brings him on board and makes a lasting impact.


Netflix’s Spanish show, Berlin, is set to return for a second season, following the success of its predecessor, Money Heist. The show follows the main character, Berlin, during his “golden age” and the heist at a Paris auction house. While initial reviews have been mixed, the show’s popularity and viewership could lead to more seasons.

The cast for Berlin Season 2 is expected to include Pedro Alonso as Berlin, with the possibility of a heist-driven plot. Berlin, a complex anti-hero in the original series, is a character some fans find cute and relatable.

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