Fake Profile Season 2: Netflix Confirms the Second Season of the Viral Colombian Series

Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date: The second season of Fake Profile is almost here, and since the first episode of the Colombian drama was a surprise hit for Netflix, there’s a lot of talk about what will happen when it comes out.

The 2023 Netflix show Fake Profile is about a young woman named Camila who finds the love of her life on a dating app, but she quickly learns that her new boyfriend has some very bad secrets.

Even though it wasn’t heavily pushed, the show got a lot of viewers when it first came out on Netflix, so it’s not a surprise that there will be a second season.

It’s hard to say what will happen in Fake Profile season 2, which is part of the show’s draw. Fake Profile is the perfect example of a telenovela, with over-the-top turns and romance. It has more twists than even the most complicated TV shows.

Unlike most telenovelas, which have a lot of episodes each season, Fake Profile did what Netflix does and crammed all of its action into 10 short episodes.

In this way, Fake Profile joins a lot of other great non-English language Netflix originals that have made it to the streaming service and won fans all over the world because of Netflix.

What’s New in Season 2 of Fake Profile

Fake Profile season 2 got some new news in June 2023, when Netflix said they would be making a second season of the Colombian drama. Since then, there haven’t been many about how the next season is coming along.

Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date

Even though the show is shot in Colombia, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes may be one reason why there’s been no news about progress. There have been delays in many productions shot outside of the U.S. for studios and platforms like Netflix.

This may be why not much has been said about the next season of Fake Profile since it was revealed.

Fake Profile Has Been Chosen for a Second Season

After Fake Profile became a big surprise hit, Netflix quickly decided to give it another season. The second season of Fake Profile was picked up soon after the first one came out. The news was posted on Netflix’s official Twitter account on June 12, 2023.

Season 2 of Fake Profile is likely to start filming sometime in 2023. As of now, though, there’s been no word on where the Columbian telenovela-style drama is in terms of planning and making it.

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Fake Profile Season 2 Cast

A strong cast is often what makes a Netflix show great, and Fake Profile stood out because it had a group of great actors who sold the show’s over-the-top drama.

People have been interested in the tense relationship between Camila (Carolina Miranda) and Miguel (Rodolfo Salas), so they may be back for season 2 of The Fake Profile.

Also, Manuela González could play Ángela again since the season 1 ending made it clear that she was determined to get even.

Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date

Some supporting actors from season 1 are also expected to be back for season 2. These actors play important roles in the first season, such as Lucas Estévez (Juanse Díez), David Meneses (Lincoln Palomeque), Adrián Ferrer (Mauricio Hénao), and Cristóbal Balboa (Felipe Londoño).

Even though he seemed to have died at the end of season 1, Víctor Mallarino could come back as the evil Pedro Ferrer, since in most telenovelas, death isn’t a lasting state.

At least a few times, characters like Camila and Miguel managed to avoid certain deaths, so it’s not impossible that the series’ bad guy could come back to haunt the lovebirds.

Details About the Second Season of Fake Profile

While it was clear that the end of Fake Profile season 1 could be seen as the end of the story, there was also a lot of room for season 2 to happen soon.

Because Miguel is always there, Camila’s relationship with David would probably be put to the test in season 2 of Fake Profile.

Also, Ángela might find a way to get away from custody to get her payback. In season 1 end, Pedro was shot and seemed to have died, but he may have found a way to come back to bother his son-in-law again.

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