Chicago Med Season 9 Release Date: All the Latest News, Spoilers, and Updates

Along with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, Chicago Med is part of the One Chicago brand. Like its sister shows, it is one of the most exciting procedurals on NBC right now. Chicago Med was made by Dick Wolf and is set in an emergency medicine hospital.

It has all the excitement and intensity of the One Chicago block. During its first eight seasons, the third Dick Wolf One Chicago show found its legs and a loyal fan base by focusing on both serious medical cases and complicated relationships between the show’s characters.

The doctors and nurses at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center are the stars of Chicago Med. They do everything they can to treat their patients and save lives. In a bigger picture, it connects to the Chicago Police Department (Chicago P.D.) and the Chicago Fire Department, where all three work together to keep Chicago safe.

The show has had eight seasons and 163 episodes since its premiere in 2015. Many of the original characters have left Chicago Med, but the show keeps going by adding new doctors and nurses to keep things interesting. Season 9 will be the same.

New Information About Season 9 of Chicago Med

Five shows that were pushed back because of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes were given return dates by NBC on November 20, 2023. When can you expect its One Chicago block and three titles in Dick Wolf’s Law & Order franchise to come out? The network verified.

The One Chicago shows, like season 9 of Chicago Med, will come out on January 17, 2024. At 10:00, Chicago Med will start the block of shows. At 21:00, Chicago Fire will come on, and at 22:00, Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med Season 9 Release Date

Another news item is that Chicago Med will have a new cast member in season 9. Luke Mitchell, who plays Lyle in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will be a guest star as Dr. Mitch Ripley, an emergency room doctor who has a relationship with Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt). Even though Mitchell is only a guest star for now, his role might get better in the future.

It’s Official: Chicago Med Will Have 13 Seasons

In April 2022, NBC renewed all three of the One Chicago shows for another season, which meant that Chicago Med would be back for a ninth season.

Chicago Fire will now air in Season 12, Chicago P.D. will air in Season 11, and Chicago Med will air in Season 9. Don’t think that season 9 will be the end because the shows are still getting a lot of people every week.

Chicago Med Season 9 Release Date

We now know that season 9 of Chicago Med will air on NBC on January 17, 2024. The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in 2023 pushed back the next season of Chicago Med and the rest of NBC’s One Chicago block. Daily News says that season 9 of Chicago Med will have about 13 episodes.

While waiting for the premiere of the Chicago Med Season 9, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2 and Everything Calls For Salvation Season 2.

Cast for Season 9 of Chicago Med

There will be a big change in the group of Chicago Med season 9. Nick Gehlfuss plays Dr. Will Halstead, who is leaving the show after being one of the main characters since the first season. Will left the hospital in the season 8 ending after taking the blame for messing with O.R. 2.0.

This was the last time he would be seen on the show. He did, however, get back together with his ex-fiance Natalie Manning, and they were able to end their happily ever after.

Chicago Med Season 9 Release Date

April Sexton is another big name who is probably leaving the show for good. However, star Yaya DaCosta did say that she could come back, but only as a full-fledged doctor.

Luke Mitchell has also been cast as Dr. Mitch Ripley, a new doctor with a connection to Dr. Charles. He will be joining the group for season 9. Some main group members will be back for season 9 of Chicago Med.

Details on the Ninth Season of Chicago Med

The story of Chicago Med season 9 should stay true to what the show does best. In each show, the team works in very different ways to help save lives in the hospital. Each show has at least one case of the week and a storyline about how the staff get along with each other.

One thing that fans might want to keep an eye on is how things are going in the hospital now that Dr. Will Halstead is gone. In Chicago Med season 9, they will have to find someone to take Halstead’s place at the hospital.

Grace Song could also get in trouble for messing up OR 2.0. Also, Jack Drayton seemed determined to turn the hospital into a business, but Maggie Lockwood was against him and questioned her future at the hospital in season 8 of Chicago Med.

Drayton had to sell the hospital because he admitted he put all of his money on OR 2.0. It will be interesting to see what the new owners have planned and if Drayton was able to keep any power during the change. Also in Season 9, the new doctor Dr. Mitch Ripley will show up. He has a history with Dr. Charles.

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