Vigil Season 3 Release Date: The Latest News and Rumors on the BBC Thriller

Vigil Season 3 Release Date: Now that the last three episodes have been released, you can watch the whole second season of Vigil on BBC iPlayer.

Amy, played by Suranne Jones, is no longer looking into death on a submarine in the new season. Instead, she goes to Wudyan, a made-up Middle Eastern country with which the UK has been working on a military drone program.

Kirsten, played by Rose Leslie, who is pregnant, has stayed behind in Scotland with the two of them while they look into some deaths that are linked to the military program.

But now that the second season is over, what are the chances that Amy and Kirsten will come back to look into another military crime?

Find out everything you need to know about the third season of Vigil below.

Will There Be a Third Season of Vigil?

We don’t know for sure yet if Vigil will come back for a third season and another probe, but it looks like it could happen.

The show’s creator, Tom Edge, said there might be one at a Q&A before the second season, but only if there is “something urgent to be said.”

“I think we never take anything for granted in terms of actors,” Edge said. “I mean, these actors are great, and they get so many job offers. It’s a good idea to think that we have a chance of earning their time and choice, which is a pretty high bar.”

Vigil Season 3 Release Date

“If we do decide to do that, it has to feel like there is something important to say, both about the characters and about the area where we might want to explore those questions.” I will say, though, that the world seems to have plenty of chaos and questions.

We’ll make changes to this page whenever we learn more about a third season of Vigil.

When Will the Third Season of Vigil Come Out?

It’s not clear when Vigil’s third season will come out. The second season came out more than two years after the first, but that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait that long for the third season.

No matter what, we think the earliest a third season could happen is 2025. We’ll make changes to this page as soon as we learn more specific details.

Vigil Cast: Who Will Be Back for Season 3?

We would expect Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie to come back as Amy Silva and Kirsten Longacre if Vigil came back for a third season.

It’s harder to say who else could come back besides the two leads, though. Other than Gary Lewis as Robertson and Orla Russell as Amy’s daughter Poppy, no one else in the group was in both seasons. Most likely, both of them will be back for season 3, but they will be the only ones coming back this time.

Check out this list of everyone we think will be back for Vigil season 3:

  • Suranne Jones as Amy Silva
  • Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre
  • Gary Lewis as Robertson
  • Orla Russell as Poppy

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Vigil Season 3 Plot Updates: What Can We Expect?

While she was playing Kirsten Longacre, Rose Leslie was pregnant with her and Amy’s first child together. She joked about the show’s story, “Well I’ve got to get pregnant again, then series three is a go!”

Vigil Season 3 Release Date

In the last part of the show, we saw how tragically things ended. Vigil’s second season ended with the last episode, which finally answered the question about the MPAS drone software. It also answered several other problems. Not long ago, Edge talked about some of the show’s mistakes.

“That’s important to us. People will sometimes tell us, “Oh, you’ve got the buttons wrong.” He said, “But we have to get the buttons wrong because of copyright.”

This is because we are a play, so it says ‘British Air Force’ instead of ‘Royal Air Force.'” We make up stories on purpose.

“Some people think that’s wrong sometimes.” But we did that to give the viewers something that a report wouldn’t have.

Where Can I Find the Trailer for Vigil Season 3?

Vigil season 3 doesn’t have a trailer yet, but we’ll make sure this page is updated as soon as one comes out. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 2 again right here.

You can watch the first and second seasons of Vigil on BBC iPlayer. You can find more things to watch in our TV Guide and Streaming Guide. Go to our Drama area to find out what’s new.

While waiting for the premiere of the Vigil Season 3, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are My Personal Weatherman Season 2 and Cigarette Girl Season 2.


The second season of the BBC iPlayer series Vigil has been released, with Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie returning as Amy Silva and Kirsten Longacre respectively. The third season is expected to be released in 2025, with the creator, Tom Edge, stating that a third season might be announced at a Q&A before the second season.

The show’s creator, Tom Edge, has acknowledged some of the show’s mistakes, but he defended the show’s use of copyright. The trailer for Vigil Season 3 is not yet available.

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