Are Hall and Makayla Still Together? The ‘Temptation Island’ Couple Who Left Fans Confused

Are Hall and Makayla Still Together? It’s no secret that Hall Toledano is deeply interested in Makayla Halstead, even though he is engaged to the woman he has been seeing for eight years in Season 5 of Temptation Island.

Kaitlin Tufts, Hall’s fiancée, isn’t sure if she wants to set a wedding date or start a family, so Hall may find everything his fiancée is missing in someone else.

Since Hall and Makayla have been on two dates together, it looks like they are together. She also wants to start a family as soon as possible with her future partner. After shooting for the show was over, are they dating now? We dug some holes.

Who are Kaitlin Tufts and Hall Toledano, the stars of Season 5 of “Temptation Island”?

Hall Toledano and Kaitlin Tufts are both from Charleston, South Carolina. They went out together for 8 years after Hall asked Kaitlin to marry him. She wasn’t sure about getting married because she knew Hall was afraid of commitment.

Kaitlin and Hall even bought a house together. Still, that didn’t mean they were going the same speed. Kaitlin wanted to start a business and get used to life in Charleston, while Hall was ready to settle down and have kids.

Are Hall and Makayla Still Together?

‘Temptation Island’ Season 5 can be streamed on USA Network, and Season 6 is likely to come back sometime in 2024.

Are Hall and Makayla From “Temptation Island” Dating Each Other Now?

Makayla is worried about how to move their relationship forward since Hall is engaged.

In the June 28 show, the Season 5 single said, “I would say that if Hall weren’t engaged, I would let my wall down to see if there’s a possible crush.”

“But the fact that I feel so safe and at ease with him makes me think, ‘Damn, is right person, wrong time a thing?'”

So, Makayla, did you get over your doubts and go out with Hall? We don’t know if Hall and Makayla are dating right now, but it’s important to know that Hall and his fiancée Kaitlin still follow each other on Instagram.

Neither of them has also removed old posts that showed them being happy together.

In any of his most recent Instagram posts, Hall hasn’t worn a wedding band, which could mean that he and Kaitlin are no longer together or haven’t married yet.

In an interesting turn of events, Hall and Makayla now follow each other on Instagram as well. Do you think that means they’re still in touch in June 2023?

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Hall and Makayla Become Close Over the Idea of Having Kids on “Temptation Island”

One very clear reason Hall feels so deeply about Makayla is that she wants to have a child, which is something his fiancée Kaitlin doesn’t.

Are Hall and Makayla Still Together?

Talking to the other men on the island, Hall told them that his partner had told him she’d give in and have kids with him one day, but only because he wanted them.

The real-life star couldn’t help but wonder if he and his future wife would ever agree on something since Kaitlin wasn’t crazy about the idea of being a mom.

So, when Makayla, a single woman from Temptation Island, tells Hall she wants a family and gets upset about it during their date, Hall feels closer to her than he had with his fiancée.

“I love Kaitlin very much.” She told Hall, “But now I’ve met someone like you,” on the June 28 show. “Kaitlin, I’ve never seen you look so happy and light-hearted when you said you want a family.”

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Hall Toledano, the star of Season 5 of “Temptation Island,” is deeply interested in Makayla Halstead, despite being engaged to her for eight years. Despite their initial reluctance to marry, Hall and Kaitlin Tufts, who were previously engaged, have been on two dates together.

Hall and Makayla have also become close over the idea of having children, which is something Kaitlin doesn’t share. Despite their differences, Hall feels closer to Makayla than he had with his fiancée, who is not passionate about the idea of having children.

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