Is Brittani From ‘sMothered’ Dating Anyone? What Her Mom Mary thinks About It

Is Brittani From ‘sMothered’ Dating Anyone? There will be colonic cleanses and hobby horseback riding in the new season of Mothered. There will also be a closer look at Brittani and Mary’s love adventures.

As the season goes on, TJ, Brittani’s new boyfriend, gets more attention. They add a new level of depth to their already interesting relationship.

Who is Brittani From ‘sMothered’?

“sMothered,” the hit show on TLC, is back with a bang! Mary and Brittani are one of the mother-daughter pairs that come back in the fifth season of the show.

Brittany, who is 59 years old, and Mary, who is 23 years old, have been on the TLC show “sMothered” since its second season.

Is Brittani From ‘sMothered’ Dating Anyone?

Because Mary is worried about TJ, her daughter’s boyfriend, she even uses the cameras that are set up in every room to spy on him.

Additionally, fans see Brittani and TJ having a sweet moment together in their bedroom.

Brittani’s Boyfriend is Named TJ

Meet the man who is making waves in Mary and Brittani’s close-knit world. TJ has come on the scene, but there is a lot of debate about how long his relationship with Brittani will last. Brittani says they’ve been together for 2.5 years, but Mary, ever the protective mother, strongly disagrees and says they’ve only been together for one year at most.

Interestingly, the show shows a big change in the mother-daughter routine. No longer do people share showers. Being in the shower together since Brittani was 5 years old makes this a pretty big deal.

When Brittani says, “She no longer showers with me.” “That’s the first step.” I agree with TJ. “Thank God.” Right after that, he said, “I just think that’s cringey.”

Is Brittani From ‘sMothered’ Dating Anyone?

But some things will always be the same. Brittani and Mary still sleep in the same bed every night, which makes people curious when TJ comes to town.

The three people are trying to find the right mix between the unusual and the normal. Mary wants to protect Brittani, but she also wants her to be independent.

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Brittani Disclosed to Her Mother That She is Bisexual During the Previous Season

In a shocking turn of events last season, Brittani revealed another part of her life by telling Mary she was gay.

Even though they were very close and shared showers and colonic cleanses, Brittani chose to hide this part of her identity until recently. People were shocked by this news, especially since she was very close to her mom.

It’s a lot of fun to watch the love story between Brittani and TJ play out in Mothered. The watchers are on the edge of their seats because Mary isn’t sure how long they’ll be together and Brittani wants to be on her own.

Will Mary fully accept TJ into the family, or will the tension over their unusual routines get too high? Mothered Season 5 offers a close look at love, family, and boundaries, which makes us want to know more about Brittani and TJ’s relationship. Everyone should buckle up because the ride is about to get wild and fun!

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Mothered Season 5 returns with a focus on mother-daughter pairs Brittani and Mary, who have been on the show since its second season. Mary worries about her daughter’s boyfriend, TJ, and uses cameras to spy on him.

The show shows a change in their routine, with Brittani no longer showering with Mary. The show also explores the relationship between Brittani and TJ, with Mary wanting to protect her while also wanting her independence.

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