Who Is Sydney Leroux Dating Now? The Latest Updates on the Orlando Pride Forward

Who is Sydney Leroux Dating? Sydney Leroux became famous due to her career. Fans are now interested in what her relationship situation is. They want to know who she is seeing.

This post has everything you need to know about the daily life of an American professional soccer player.

Who is Sydney Leroux?

Sydney Rae Leroux is an American professional soccer player who was born in Canada and won an Olympic gold medal. She currently plays forward for Angel City FC in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Sydney was born in Canada to a Canadian mother and an American father. She went through the Canadian soccer system and played for Canada at different youth levels until she decided to play for the US women’s national under-20 soccer team in 2008 and then for the US senior national team in 2012.

Who is Sydney Leroux Dating Now?

Sydney Leroux is a very good soccer player who has won an Olympic gold medal for the Orlando Pride. There is no proof that she is dating Merritt Mathias, but some of her friends think that she is.

Who Is Sydney Leroux Dating

We can say that Sydney Leroux is not dating anyone right now. After her split, she kept her personal life quiet and hasn’t talked about her dating life in public recently. Read on to learn about Sydney Leroux’s ex-husband.

Who is Sydney Leroux’s Ex-Husband?

Leroux got engaged to Brett Lawrie, a Major League Baseball player born in Canada who he knew from childhood, but they broke up. She used to be married to Dom Dwyer. Dom Dwyer’s full name is Dominic James Dwyer.

There is a living soccer player in him. His home country is the United States, but he was born in England. When Dwyer was young, he played for Norwich City and other English teams. In 2009, he came to the US on a soccer scholarship. He played for the South Florida Bulls and Tyler Junior College.

The Sporting of Major League Soccer KC picked him in the 2012 draft, and they and he won the MLS Cup together in 2013. In 2017, he joined Orlando City SC as part of the biggest deal between two MLS teams ever.

When Did Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux Get Married?

From 2014 to 2016, she was seeing MLS player Dom Dwyer, who was born in England. The news came out on February 14, 2015, that she had married Dom Dwyer in a small wedding in January 2015.

But in August 2021, after six years of marriage, they said they were splitting up. Leroux shared a short statement on social media to tell people about the news of their split.

Who Is Sydney Leroux Dating

This is what she wrote:

“I’ve always been honest,” she said. Now I’d like to tell you that Dom and I are divorcing. My children have always been and will always be my top concern. Please give my family some space during this time. Thanks a lot.”

Before it was announced that they were splitting up, fans saw that Leroux had changed her Instagram name to remove Dwyer’s last name.

Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer: How Many Children They Have?

Sydney Leroux’s two kids, Cassius Cruz Dwyer and Roux James Dwyer are the most important thing to her. In the post below, you can see her kids:

The boy that Sydney had was born in September 2016. He turned seven years old this year. She wrote, “Happy 7th Birthday to my boy” in a post on his birthday. It’s already his “Ronaldo” year, and I have no idea where the time went. “I love being his mom, even though he asked to be able to call me “mom” now.”

Roux James Dwyer, Sydney’s daughter, was born on June 28, 2019. She enjoyed the 4th birthday of her daughter this year. She posted something on Instagram and captioned it, “My little Roux.” My crazy little “angel” who always tells me the truth and how things will go. “Happy Fourth Birthday!”


Sydney Leroux, an American professional soccer player, is currently dating Major League Baseball player Brett Lawrie. She previously married MLS player Dominic James Dwyer from 2014 to 2016. They split in August 2021 after six years of marriage.

Leroux has two children, Cassius Cruz Dwyer and Roux James Dwyer. She has a son, who turned seven in 2016, and a daughter, Roux James Dwyer, who was born in 2019. She has kept her personal life quiet and has not publicly discussed her dating life.

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