Is Eddie Levert Still Alive? The Truth About His Death Rumors

Is Eddie Levert Still Alive? This is because the internet is always changing, and false information can spread like wildfire, making fans and followers confused and worried.

One such case happened in 2021 when a dying hoax was spread about Eddie Levert, the famous American singer who was the lead singer of The O’Jays.

There were a lot of rumors and questions on the internet, like “Is Eddie Levert still alive?” Let’s clear up any confusion, though: Eddie Levert is still alive and well, and he’s still making music that people love.

How Eddie Levert Got Started in Music and His Early Life

Eddie Willis Levert was born on June 16, 1942, in Bessemer, Alabama. When he was six years old, his family moved to Canton, Ohio. He started in music by singing in the church band, where he showed off his skills.

Is Eddie Levert Still Alive?

“The Triumphs” was a group that Levert, Walter Williams, William Powell, Bobby Massey, and Bill Isles started when they were all in high school. They became well-known in their home area, which took them to Cincinnati, where King Records heard about them.

The Rise of The O’Jays

The Triumphs changed their name to The O’Jays and signed with Philadelphia International Records in 1969. They put out a string of successful songs under this new label.

After that, the O’Jays went to EMI-Manhattan Records, where Levert and Williams made their songs and co-wrote them. It’s worth mentioning that their 1987 record “Let Me Touch You” had the number one R&B song “Lovin’ You.”

Eddie Levert Family Music History

Eddie Levert had an impact on music that went beyond The O’Jays. Gerald and Sean, his two sons, started the band LeVert in 1984. Four of their seven albums went platinum. The father and son worked together on the R&B hit “Baby Hold On to Me” in 1992.

Is Eddie Levert Still Alive?

The sad news is that Gerald died in 2006 and Sean died in 2008. Eddie Levert’s love for music never wavered, even after these personal deaths.

Awards and Honors for Eddie Levert

Eddie Levert received many awards for his work in the music business. He and Gerald were given the “Best Duo or Group” Image Award after they died in 2008.

The next year, Eddie won the “Heroes and Legends Pacesetter Award” and The O’Jays were given BET’s “Lifetime Achievement Award.” The O’Jays were given the “Trumpet Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2011.

Eddie Levert’s Continued Legacy

Eddie Levert keeps denying the rumors and is still very involved in the music scene. Ten Gold albums and nine Platinum albums with The O’Jays, as well as ten No. 1 hits, are what he’s done.

As an artist and as a member of The O’Jays, his captivating acts show that age doesn’t matter for this living legend.

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In Conclusion:

It is very important to trust reliable sources in this day and age of online hoaxes and fake information. Eddie Levert, who was the voice of The O’Jays, is still alive and well and will always be remembered in the music world.

Fans can be happy that this famous artist is still very much a force in the business as long as he keeps performing and touring. People will always ask, “Is Eddie Levert still alive?” and the clear answer is “Yes.” His work lives on.

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