Is LaurenzSide Pregnant? How She Handled the Challenges and Joys of Expecting a Baby

Is LaurenzSide Pregnant? One famous person in the worlds of online games and content creation has been in the news lately for a different reason: LaurenzSide, the famous American YouTuber, TikTok, Twitch streamer, and businesswoman, is going to have her first child! Lauren’s pregnancy became public when she and her husband, Bobby Izard, posted a touching video on their YouTube channel where they talked about the happy trip they were about to start.

This blog post will go into more depth about LaurenzSide’s pregnancy announcement, her journey to becoming a mom, and some interesting facts about this multitalented person.

Who is LaurenzSide?

Lauren is an American YouTuber from New York City, New York, more commonly known online as LaurenzSide. People know her for her responses and playthroughs of video games, which she edits with a jump-cut style and commentary.

Is LaurenzSide Pregnant?

That’s when LaurenzSide started on YouTube in February 2007 with the name “LaurenzSide” as a vlog and sketch account. She stopped in December 2008, when she went to college. She brought back her LaurenzSide YouTube account on January 30, 2013, after a four-year break, as a funny game channel.

Countdown Begins: Baby Bliss by LaurenzSide is Set for May 11, 2021

Fans were shocked when Lauren, who is known as Galaxy Queen in the game world, told them she had been hiding the exciting news of her pregnancy for three months. Their baby is expected on May 11, 2021. They didn’t decide to have kids right away, even though they’ve been married since August 20, 2016.

In an honest video, the couple talked about their journey, answering questions ahead of time and showing how excited they are about the new person coming into their lives.

Go to Parenthood: LaurenzSide and Bobby’s Planned Player 2 Journey and Press “Start.”

Despite what some people thought, Lauren and Bobby’s pregnancy was planned. The couple tried to get pregnant, but not before thinking about whether they were ready to have a child. Lauren talked about how they felt about having kids at first.

She said that they both liked kids when they were dating, but they weren’t ready for them yet. They chose to not worry about anything and see where life took them. At some point, they understood that they were going to have a family together.

Above and Beyond the Pixels: LaurenzSide’s Rise as a Multifaceted Internet Star

LaurenzSide is a big deal in the world of online entertainment, even when she’s not being a mom. This 31-year-old Cancer from New York City has made a name for herself as a social media star, Twitch star, YouTuber, and online streamer.

Is LaurenzSide Pregnant?

As of 2021, Lauren’s YouTube channel had over 5.51 million followers. She is known for her funny commentary and skillful play in Minecraft and LEGO games.

Laurenzside’s Moving Story From New York City to Becoming a Mom Behind the Scenes

LaurenzSide was born on July 7, 1989, as Lauren Weber. She is a famous content creator and a family person. Her close connection with her grandmother is clear from her Instagram account, even though her grandmother died in 2015.

Heather, Lauren’s mother, and her stepdad raised her in Florida. Her father also passed away after a long fight with cancer.

Laurenz Side and Bobby Izard’s Love Story Has Been Made Public

In the world of love, Lauren found a partner in Bobby Izard, who is also famous on YouTube. They started going out together in 2011 and got married on August 20, 2016. Lauren posts a lot of pictures of her and Kyle’s happy married life on social media, which shows how close they are.


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