Jason Mraz Wife: A Love Story That Spans Music, Nature, and Spirituality

Jason Mraz’s Wife: Jason Thomas Mraz is a singer-songwriter and musician from the United States. Fans are now more interested in his personal life than ever. They want to know if he is married. This post has everything you need to know about his personal life.

Who is Jason Mraz’s Wife?

Jason Mraz has been married twice. It is his first marriage to Sheridan Edley. In 2001, they got married. However, they split up the next year. Tristan Prettyman, a singer-songwriter and close friend of Mraz’s, proposed to her on Christmas Eve 2010. Six months later, the two broke up.

Jason Mraz Wife

On October 25, 2015, Mraz married Christina Carano in a small wedding in Mechanicsville, Virginia, the town where he was born. On June 22, 2023, Mraz and Carano said they were getting a divorce. In 2018, Jason Mraz came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ group. Here is what he had to say about it.

What Did Jason Mraz Say About Being Gay?

He told GLAAD that becoming public in 2018 has helped him accept who he is. The 46-year-old singer of “Have It All”

In this honest talk, he opens up about how hard it has been for him to accept himself since coming out as LGBTQ+. We linked to a post below that was about this interview:

He also talked about how competing on Dancing with the Stars has helped him grow as a person. What he said:

“Before I got here, I had to act out a lot of other situations.” It’s hard to do those things and hard to take them back down. What I’m talking about is a breakup. That’s tough. “You feel a lot of shame and guilt.”

Jason Mraz Wife

Mraz, who was recently named to Out100, the magazine’s yearly list of the most important LGBTQ+ people of the year, said in an interview that he felt compelled to make sense of his past while still working on accepting himself. What he said:

“At the same time, you want to heal as many old relationships as possible and make peace with your new identity or whatever I’m saying. That’s also hard.” Being on the Out100 means… It’s nice to get praise.

Producers of Dancing With the Stars were first interested in Mraz’s dance-heavy music video for “I Feel Like Dancing.” He is currently fighting with partner Daniella Karagach on season 32 of the show.

The musician said that even though he was loving the trip, he didn’t think it would be as emotional as it has been. What he said was:

“You look at yourself in the mirror all day, and it can be hard for any person to accept themselves when they do that.” On top of that, my partner wants me to move in ways I’ve never moved before, and I think, ” I look silly.” Once you get past that, you’ll think, “Okay, I feel pretty good.” After some time, it turns into trust, so it’s a journey.”

Mr. J. says that learning his dance moves every week is like learning a metaphor for life, where you wake up feeling “uncomfortable for no reason at all.”



Jason Thomas Mraz, a singer-songwriter and musician, has been married twice, first to Sheridan Edley in 2001 and then to Tristan Prettyman in 2010. In 2018, he came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ group and shared his journey of acceptance and healing.

He was recently named to Out100 magazine’s list of the most important LGBTQ+ people of the year. Mraz is currently fighting with partner Daniella Karagach on Dancing With the Stars.

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