Natalie Nunn Husband: While Natalie Was Cheating, Did the Marriage Survive?

Natalie Nunn Husband: Reality star on TV She is known for her daring roles on TV shows like “Bad Girls Club” and “Marriage Boot Camp,” and Natalie Nunn has been in the news a lot for her personal and work life. Since Nunn is married to Jacob Payne, there has been a lot of talk about how the two might be related.

Nunn and Payne, who used to play football and is now an entrepreneur, have talked about the ups and downs of their trip on several reality shows.

Fans are paying attention to Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne as they deal with the demands of fame and married life. They want to learn more about how complicated their relationship is.

Natalie Nunn Husband

Jacob Payne is married to Natalie Nunn. On the Road, Their daughter is Ruth Payne, and they got married in 2012. Even though it was said that they broke up in 2019, they are still together and seem happy in their marriage. Before she started dating Jacob, Natalie was with Olamide Faison from 2003 to 2009.

A lot of famous people, like Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Rihanna’s younger brother Rory Fenty, have been linked to her. Natalie and Jacob said they were getting married on April 23, 2012. Jacob is a football player for the Arizona Rattlers.

Natalie Nunn Husband

In October and November 2012, two episodes of Bridezilla showed videos from their weddings. They got married in May 2012. Natalie told everyone on November 12, 2014, that she and her husband were going to have their first child.

She lost the baby in February 2015, which was sad. But Natalie told everyone in late 2016 that she was going to have another baby. On April 26, 2017, she gave birth to a girl named Journey Ruth Payne.

How Many Kids Do They Have?

On the Road Jake and Natalie only have one daughter together, Ruth Payne. Journey is 16 months old and was born in April 2017. She has 37,000 fans on Instagram under the name @journey_payne, which is pretty cool for someone so young.

In November 2014, they said they wanted to have a child together, but Natalie sadly told them in February 2015 that she had lost the pregnancy.

Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne, Her Husband, Met at a Club

Now that we’ve talked about how the fashion business owner and her husband fell in love, let’s talk about how she felt when she became a mother.

Nunn and Payne are said to have met when Nunn was playing at a bar in Detroit in 2011. In a 2012 interview, she talked about how she met Payne at the club with some of his friends and fell in love with him right away.

“He was so cute and handsome that I fell in love with him right away.” He never came back after visiting me in Los Angeles, she told WeTV.

Natalie Nunn Husband

Payne, a football player from Michigan, never came back home after spending a few months with Nunn, who was his girlfriend at the time, in Los Angeles. News sources say that the football player started a new life with the reality TV star in Los Angeles after having his things sent there.

In April 2012, while on vacation in Negril, Jamaica, the football player born in 1990 asked the former Celebrity Big Brother star to marry him. A little over a month later, they got married in secret at a friend’s house in Topanga Canyon, California.

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While Natalie Was Cheating, Did the Marriage Survive?

Dan shot down Chloe’s claim. He told Chloe that she had no morals and threatened to sue her for libel. Natalie chose to keep quiet at the time because she wanted to keep her marriage together. She put a picture of herself and Jacob on Instagram and wrote this under it:

“You’re my best friend! My husband the father of my child! No matter what in this world you sit on the throne you’re my [king]!…” “This world is full of craziness and you’ve always been my peace! Through any hard time you stay strong to protect your [queen]!! This storm too shall pass but in the meantime I pray we continue to just dance in the rain together! “I love you.”

Heidi Montag, one of her friends, also tweeted that she hoped the storm would pass quickly and not do any harm.

“Spencer and I are very close to the Payne’s and praying everything is ok with them and this storm will pass. They are one of our favorite couples and have the most beautiful love and family. Natalie has been OBSESSED with Jacob from day one and would never jeopardize that.”

There have been no new developments in their split since then. It looks like they got back together and are now living together with their daughter.

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Natalie Nunn, a reality star known for her roles on TV shows like “Bad Girls Club” and “Marriage Boot Camp,” is married to football player Jacob Payne.

They got married in 2012 and have one daughter, Ruth Payne. They met at a club in Detroit in 2011 and got married in secret in Topanga Canyon, California. Despite allegations of cheating, the couple has been happily married and have a daughter, Journey Ruth Payne.

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