Is Cheryl Scott Married? The ABC7 Meteorologist Reveals Her Relationship Status

Is Cheryl Scott Married? Cheryl Scott is a famous meteorologist who was born on January 29, 1985, and her weather knowledge always amazes people. The things she says about her work life are open and honest, but she has kept her personal life, especially her marriage status, secret.

For the most up-to-date and correct information about Cheryl Scott’s marriage, it is best to look at official comments from her, reputable news sources, or recent interviews. This is because people’s personal situations can change at any time.

Is Cheryl Scott Married?

Cheryl Scott isn’t planning to get married or engaged. She used to be engaged to Dante Deiana, but they broke up and moved on. Dante Deiana and Cheryl Scott met at a charity event in Chicago, Illinois. They talked to each other at the event and quickly became friends. In 2016, their friendship would turn into a love relationship.

Is Cheryl Scott Married?

After going out together for about two years, Cheryl and Dante chose to get engaged to make their relationship stronger. It is said that they got proposed on vacation at the top of Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii.

People who follow Cheryl on social media and TV quickly congratulated her on her engagement. As soon as she put a picture of her and her partner on Instagram, people said how cute they looked together.

After Cheryl stopped posting pictures of Dante on her page, the relationship didn’t look like it was going well. In fact, they broke up in 2022 and moved on. The reason they called off the engagement was not given.

Biography of Cheryl Scott

The United States gave birth to Cheryl Scott on January 19, 1985. Their names are Kevin Scott and Brian Scott, and she is the daughter of Marie Picciano Scott. She grew up in Atco, which is in Camden County, New Jersey.

She liked science when she was younger. When Cheryl was done with elementary school, she went to Haddon Township, Camden County’s private Catholic high school, Paul VI High School. She really liked sports and cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The track and field team at her high school had her, and she also played soccer. Cheryl ran very fast when she was in high school. Several college coaches were interested in her because of how good she was at track and field.

After high school, she went to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, which is a private Ivy League study university. In 2007, the person graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Science. Following this, Cheryl Scott went to Mississippi State University and earned a degree in meteorology in 2010.

Professional Career

Cheryl did an internship at WCAU-NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while she was still getting her meteorology license. After she got her degree in 2007, she started working as a weekend weathercaster at WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Is Cheryl Scott Married?

She also made weather predictions for the Caribbean Weather Channel, which is on all the time. After getting her weather license, Cheryl Scott moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. The NBC station WBIR-TV hired her as a weekend weather person.

Several storms destroyed Knoxville in April 2011, while Scott was on the air. At this point, people praised Scott for keeping them up to date on the storm’s progress. She became an important source of information that kept many people safe.

Cheryl also helped out with the Red Cross after the accident. In September 2011, Cheryl moved from Knoxville to Chicago. She began working for NBC 5 in Chicago as a weekend and morning weathercaster.

NBC 5 hired her and she worked there for three years. Since December 2014, Cheryl Scott has worked for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Chicago. She has worked for ABC7 Eyewitness News since then.



Cheryl Scott, a renowned meteorologist, was born on January 29, 1985, in Camden County, New Jersey. She gained fame for her weather knowledge and has kept her personal life, including her marriage status, secret. She was engaged to Dante Deiana in 2016, but they broke up in 2022.

Cheryl started her career as a weathercaster at WSEE-TV and later moved to NBC 5 in Chicago. Since 2014, she has worked for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Chicago. She has kept her personal life private, as people’s personal situations can change at any time.

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