Is There Going to Be a Season 19 of ‘Sister Wives’? Will It Be the Final Season?

Is There Going to Be a Season 19 of ‘Sister Wives’? Sister Wives has held the attention of a sizable audience over the years. Although Kody Brown appears to be the main character in the show, the women he is married to are in charge. Christine, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle are the show’s main actors. Moreover, there are eighteen children in the family.

Regretfully, Kody’s relationships have not been doing well lately. As of this writing, Robyn is the only woman he is still married to. Fans saw the drama play out on television as his other three wives filed for divorce. Many fans want to know if there will be a Season 19 among all of the commotion. We know the following.

Is There Going to Be a Season 19 of ‘Sister Wives’?

Fans are naturally wondering, “How much longer can they keep this show going?” with all the broken romances and fading tainted love.

The network has not yet disclosed whether or not there would be a second season of the show, but all the details were provided by a subtly hint from one of the ex-wives. Christine provided more information regarding the show’s “next season” while speaking with Entertainment Tonight.

Even though Kody and Christine are no longer together, she will still need to see him and his wife Robyn. The children were nurtured as a unit after all, and she still intends to provide support. Thus, Christine has acknowledged that she will be friendly if Robyn and Kody are in the same room as her.

Is There Going to Be a Season 19 of 'Sister Wives'?

They’re willing to deliver that content if fans want to stay around to watch that action. Even though the Brown family’s love is the main focus of the show, they have no problem flaunting their lack of it. Naturally, Robyn and Kody are still married, but Christine has some ideas about how things might work out.

They have similar matched and yolked qualities. They are worthy of one another. Was that a horrible sound? Was that a caustic remark? To ET, Christine said. They deserve each other wholeheartedly, and I want the finest life for them.

They were reunited, and I understand the feeling of discovering your soul mate. Now that I am aware of my relationship with David, I can comprehend their relationship. And I’m thinking, ‘Well, okay, I hope you have a happy life.'”

Fans might discover a different side of Christine. Although fans haven’t seen a lot of David Woolley on the show, she is now married to him. He may become more well-known to fans with the upcoming Season 19 that has been promised.

The release date of the upcoming season of the show is unknown, however, Season 18 reveals episodes are scheduled for release. Those are scheduled to air in mid-December.

How did ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 come to an end?

All of it culminated in a split following a stormy season. Although fans were somewhat prepared for this given that Meri and Kody had announced their separation in January 2023, they were able to witness the proceedings this season, with the ultimate verdict being revealed in November 2023.

Is There Going to Be a Season 19 of 'Sister Wives'?

Meri admitted to Kody, “Things that you’ve said to me and about me this year, it changes things.” According to Meri, they had been keeping the nasty details mostly under wraps at Kody’s request up until that point. That wasn’t fair, in her opinion, especially to Robyn, who she believed required to hear everything.

I thought, ‘Meri, romance for you and me? I’m not in this image.'” In a confessional, Kody stated, ” felt like we had decided that we’re just going to have to keep being friends because we’re not going to be married.”

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Sister Wives, a popular TV show, follows Kody Brown and his wife Christine, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle, who have eighteen children. Despite Kody’s relationships failing, fans are curious about a possible Season 19 due to the drama surrounding his other three wives filing for divorce.

Christine has hinted that she will still support Kody and his wife Robyn, as they nurtured their children together. The show’s next season is set to air in mid-December. Season 18 ended with a split, with Meri admitting to Kody that she was not in the image of him.

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