The Escape of the Seven Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch the Thrilling Mystery Drama?

The Escape of the Seven Season 2 Release Date: A popular South Korean TV show in 2023 is The Escape of the Seven, which is also known as 7삸삚 퀈싻. It’s about seven important people. From September 15, 2023, to November 17, 2023, the first season was shown on SBS TV. It showed 17 times a week, every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 PM Korean time.

There is a lost girl case that is being looked into. There are seven possible suspects, and all of them have secrets and clues that don’t make sense. The whole case looks like a fake show because everyone is acting like they’re not who they really are.

Things become even more difficult as you learn more about the story. Each question you ask brings up another, and each answer is a big surprise. The thriller “The Escape of the Seven” is very exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Now that season one of the show is over, Korean drama fans can’t wait for season two… We’re going to talk about season 2 of The Escape of the Seven HERE. Read on to find out what more the story has to say.

The Escape of the Seven Season 2 Release Date

In November 2023, the first season of the show The Escape of the Seven came to an end. After that, there was good news: the second season was officially confirmed.

The Escape of the Seven Season 2 Release Date

Based on different reports and guesses, we thought that it would start on SBS TV in March 2024.

Who are the Actors and Characters in Season 2 of “The Escape of the Seven”?

The TV show’s actors and characters that play

  • Geum La Hui is played by Hwang Jung Eum
  • Min Do Hyuk is played by Lee Joon
  • Han Mone is played by Lee Yoo Bi
  • Cha Ju Ran is played by Shin Eun Kyung
  • Yang Jin Mo is played by Yoon Jong Hoon

What Could Happen in Season 2 of “The Escape of the Seven”?

Director Joo Dong Min and screenwriter Kim Sun-Ok, who is known for hits like “The Last Empress” and “Penthouse,” worked together again on the K-drama “The Escape of the Seven.” The story is about a young girl who goes missing, and the strange and scary things that happen after that involve seven different people.

Matthew is usually very private and stays out of sight, but he comes out of hiding when he is linked to the case. As the owner of the biggest cell phone company, his participation makes the drama more interesting.

Another important person is Hwang Jung Eum, who is the CEO of a production company. Seeking money and success is what she does for a living and defines her.

The Escape of the Seven Season 2 Release Date

Lee Joon, a former thief who doesn’t want to get ahead, is often lied to because he trusts people too quickly. He comes from a good family, but he fights with the effects of being too trusting.

Han Mo Ne wants to be an idol, but her life is full of lies, even though she had a good childhood and a network of friends who support her. There is a money dispute between Cha Ju Ran and Bang Chil Sung. It involves land and money.

Yang Jin Mo is generally a polite person, but he struggles with a short fuse that can make him act in a very different way. Because he is desperate and selfish, he will do anything to get what he wants.

And finally, Ko Myung Ji is very good at making up lies to protect herself. She can easily lie in any situation, no matter the time or the people involved.

Each of these seven people’s lives changes drastically when they become involved in the strange case. The show looks at cruel punishments and upsetting payback stories, showing how their lives change drastically as they face different problems and events.

What Happened in the Escape of the Seven’s Last Episode of the First Season?

The story is about Mone and Do Hyuk who try to show that Matthew Lee and Geum La-Hui are doing wrong. They find money hidden in the ground, which makes them fight with Cha Ju-Ran. At the same time, Matthew and Geum La-Hui’s fights become public, and during an emergency news conference, secrets are revealed.

As the pressures rise, characters are betrayed and put in situations that could kill them. At the end of the story, there is a dramatic fight on a rooftop where Matthew forces the survivors to die with him or join him. Even though a lot of people are trying to save the characters, the building falls down, leaving their futures unclear.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Escape of the Seven?

The second season of the Korean TV show The Escape of the Seven will start airing on SBS TV every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. For fans around the world, you can watch the show on Kocowa, Viu, and Viki.

Season 2 will likely be available to watch in March 2024 for those who can’t wait. The exact date and time of the release have not been announced yet.

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of The Escape of the Seven?

The people who make the show haven’t said anything public about Season 2 yet, so there isn’t a sneak peek.

While waiting for the premiere of The Escape of the Seven Season 2, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Lego Monkie Kid Season 5 and The Conners Season 6.

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