Is Lil Nas X Really Pregnant? Why The Rapper Pretended To Be Pregnant For His Debut Album

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant? Recent news about the innovative artist Lil Nas X’s “pregnancy” on social media made him famous for breaking down barriers in the music business. People and fans were interested in Lil Nas’s strange move, which made a lot of people wonder: how is she pregnant?

Lil Nas X’s shocking and memorable pregnancy announcement is looked at in this piece, along with its artistic value and cultural significance. It delves into the fascinating world of this one-of-a-kind event. Let’s look at how Lil Nas X handled his “pregnancy” in a way that goes against what the entertainment business normally does.

How did Pregnant Lil Nas X Happen?

There aren’t many artists today who can shock and upset people like the rapper, singer, and songwriter. A lot has been said about how few gay people are represented in hip-hop, but things are finally starting to get better. People seem to like and dislike Lil Nas X because he not only accepts and celebrates his sexuality, but also questions gender norms.

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant?

In the music video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” for example, the rapper does a sexy lap dance for Satan. His limited-edition Satan Nikes, which were made in very small numbers (only 666) to make them more valuable and wicked fun, and which looked like they contained real human blood, also hit the devil theme hard.

He’s getting a lot of attention again with a set of “pregnancy” photos that look like they came straight from a simple maternity photo shoot and show off the beauty of being pregnant.

Is Lil Nas X Really Pregnant?

Fans were shocked when Lil Nas X showed off his baby bump for the first time on Friday, September 4. The famous person shared photos from his “pregnancy photoshoot,” in which he wore an all-white suit and held his growing baby belly.

The ‘Old Town Road’ rapper wrote, “SURPRISE! It’s amazing that I’m finally making this statement. On September 17, 2021, my little “MONTERO” will come home.

While on Twitter, Lil Nas X thanked former US President Barack Obama for the “early baby shower gift” and included a picture of a basket full of baby gifts with the word “Montero” written on it.

Why did people not like Lil Nas X’s baby bump?

Lil Nas X was called out by many others, such as transgender activist and athlete Schuyler Bailar. Bailar said the fake pregnancy joke was “insensitive and irresponsible” because it was based on a “shock factor” experience and fed into the idea that guys can’t get pregnant. But she also said, “Trans men can and do all the time.”

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant?

A lot of people have said bad things about Lil Nas X, but Black transgender people have said that racial bias should be taken into account in this case.

Some commenters said that Bailer only went after Lil Nas X and not James Charles, a white American gay beauty YouTuber who shared a fake pregnancy picture session earlier this year.

Later, Bailar went on Instagram Live with Kayden Coleman to talk about how he thinks people who criticize Lil Nas X without also pointing out that cis white men have done similar things are racist against Black people. He did say that he understands that other trans men might see the action as transphobic.



Lil Nas X, a popular rapper and singer, recently announced his pregnancy on social media, breaking down barriers in the music industry. The rapper, known for accepting and celebrating his sexuality, challenged gender norms in his music videos and limited-edition Satan Nikes.

He shared photos of his growing baby belly in an all-white suit, thanking former US President Barack Obama for the gift. However, transgender activist Schuyler Bailar criticized the fake pregnancy joke, stating that trans men can and do it all the time.

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