Matthew Perry Surgery: How the Friends Star Recovered from a Near-Fatal Colon Rupture

Matthew Perry Surgery: The show Friends showed how great he was as a character. Matthew Perry didn’t just read from a script when he played Chandler on the famous show; he always added his own spin to things, and he wasn’t afraid to go off script either.

Fans will definitely keep loving the actor’s work on the show for many years to come. Friends would not have been the same without Matthew Perry.

When Friends got back together, fans couldn’t help but notice how different Matthew Perry sounded. Fans were worried about the actor’s health at the time because he seemed very off. He did what he did for a good reason, and we’re going to tell you what that reason was.

We’ll also look more closely at the emotional things he said at the meeting and something Jennifer Aniston learned about her co-star from the HBO special.

Matthew Perry Was Emotional at the Friends Reunion, but It Was Clear That His Speech Was Slurred

When Matthew Perry thought about how close he was to his Friends co-stars during the Friends reunion, he got very emotional. Perry said that behind the scenes, the relationship that fans saw on screen was exactly the same. Perry thought about how close he was to his Friend’s co-stars.

Matthew Perry Surgery:

During the reunion, he said, “The best way I can describe it is that if one of us ran into each other at a party or any other kind of social event after the show was over, that was it.” The night was over. “You sat with them all night and that was it.”

Perry went on, “You told the people you were with you were sorry, but they had to know that you had met someone nice and were going to spend the rest of the night talking to that person.” That’s how it went.”

Perry was very emotional during the reunion, and fans couldn’t help but notice what he said during the show. Perry explained the reason for his bad speech in a number of interviews, such as those with Diane Sawyer and Stephen Colbert.

Matthew Perry Disclosed That He Suffered Emergency Dental Surgery Just Prior to the Friends Reunion

He told ABC News the real reason why Matthew Perry’s speech didn’t sound right at the Friends gathering. “A couple days before that, I had emergency dental surgery, which did all sorts of things,” Perry told Diane Sawyer.

“The surgery made my mouth feel like it was on fire, and my voice sounded weird.” I just had to show up. I chose to go and do the best I could.

Yes, the Friends star almost missed the last show. The actor told Stephen Colbert in a separate interview that he was glad the paparazzi caught him going into the dentist’s office right before the reunion.

Matthew Perry Surgery:

He tells Colbert, “I had dental surgery two days before I died.” Three bone spurs had to be taken out of my mouth right away. In this scene, I thank the reporters for taking pictures of me going to the dentist’s office.

He goes on, “I knew something was wrong with me because my mouth was on fire, and I also knew I had to go to this reunion.” I can’t move or change it because there are too many people. I went and did the best I could, but I was only running on six engines instead of eight.

Fans of Friends are very thankful that Matthew Perry was still able to make it to the reunion, even though he had been through a lot just a few days before. Fans will definitely watch that meeting over and over again in the coming weeks as a way to remember the late Matthew Perry.

Jennifer Aniston Spoke Out About Something Matthew Perry Said at the Friends Reunion

Jennifer Aniston was a big help to Matthew Perry on his way to rehab, especially when things were at their worst. Aniston was the only star of Friends who noticed Perry’s strange behavior while he was struggling with addiction.

What Aniston didn’t know was that Matthew Perry was having a hard time on set if the live crowd didn’t laugh. Aniston said that she had no idea how much damage the star was doing to himself at that time.

“I didn’t understand the level of anxiety and self-torture that was put on Matthew Perry if he didn’t get that laugh, and the devastation that he felt,” Aniston said. That makes a lot of sense.”


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