South Side Season 4: Why It Was Cancelled and What Fans Can Do?

South Side Season 4: HBO Max has ended the three-season run of the funny series South Side, which followed the lives and dreams of two friends in Chicago.

Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle created the show, which had a dedicated fan group and was praised by critics for its clever humor and accurate portrayal of the Englewood neighborhood.

So why did HBO Max decide to end this great comedy? And is there a chance for a comeback? Find out everything you need to know about Season 4 of South Side.

South Side Season 4 Renewal Status

HBO Max ended Season 4 of South Side for good in February 2023. People who loved the show and couldn’t wait for more episodes were shocked by the news. It was said that HBO Max’s CEO, David Zaslav, cut the budget for the show.

south side season 4 release date

Zaslav was also in charge of bringing Warner Bros. and Discovery together. Zaslav wanted to focus on shows that made more money and were more famous, so South Side didn’t make the cut.

South Side Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 of South Side was canceled, so there is no set date for when it will come out. The last episode of the show played on HBO Max on December 29, 2022.

After one season on Comedy Central, the show moved to HBO Max for two more seasons, which began on November 11, 2021, and December 8, 2022.

Is There a Chance That Season 4 Will Happen?

If the long-awaited fourth season ever comes out, it might find its way to HBO Max, where it would become another gem in the treasure trove of streaming material.

south side season 4 release date

It’s still not clear what will happen with South Side Season 4, but the fans’ steadfast support keeps the chance of a comeback alive. It’s possible that the story of South Side is not over yet.

The Cancellation of ‘South Side’ Upset Social Media Users

It’s no surprise that people on social media are furious that South Side has been canceled. In fact, some fans have said that the show should go back to Comedy Central because that’s where it all began.

Other people on social media have pointed out that networks are known for canceling funny or important shows to make room for other shows that have already run their course.

It’s not clear yet if Comedy Central will decide to bring South Side back to the network or if another network, like Fox or ABC, will also try to get the show.

But anything is possible. A lot of shows have moved networks and kept getting better. We’d expect the same from South Side going forward since they have a loyal fan group.



HBO Max ended Season 4 of the comedy series South Side in February 2023 due to budget cuts by CEO David Zaslav. The show, which starred Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle, had a loyal fan base and was praised for its humor and portrayal of the Englewood neighborhood.

Despite the cancellation, fans’ support suggests a possible comeback, with the show potentially moving to HBO Max.

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