Is Pyrocynical Gay? Here’s Why His Fans Think Otherwise

Is Pyrocynical Gay? When it comes to YouTube comments, Niall Murphy, who goes by the names Pyrocynical or PyroLive, has made a name for himself. Pyrocynical, who is from England, became famous as one of the first people to use popular commentary forms. In his videos, he added things like colored borders around video clips to make them stand out.

As his channel grew, he started making a wider range of videos, often about things that were popular at the time. He jokingly calls his fans the “Bruh Army,” which is a playful nod to PewDiePie’s “Bro Army.” In the descriptions of his videos, he even includes an ASCII drawing of the famous “Brofist.”

Among the many things that have been said about Pyrocynical, one thing that has always caused arguments is his sexuality, which has led many to wonder if he is, in fact, gay. We need to learn more about this part of his life in order to find out the truth.

Who is Pyrocynical?

Niall Murphy is a British YouTube commentator who goes by the name Pyrocynical and has worked with the Commentary Gypsies for a short time. He has mostly played video games with them.

Shemedaphodite used to make fun of little kids for money until he showed his face. Killer Keemstar showed the world what kind of a degenerate bear (XD) runs that channel.

Is Pyrocynical Gay?

He made a great PewDiePie copy called ASOT (please bring ASOT back, Pyro), and NOW he reviews games like Petscop (it’s been 4 years, Pyro, make Petscop 2).

Is Pyrocynical Gay?

Not at all, Pyrocynical is not gay. People who like Pyrocynical have been talking about questions about her sexuality for a long time. His friends have said many nice things about his looks, like how he looks like a “cute little lesbian.”

Even Pyrocynical has said that he knows about these comments and has even made fun of them in some of his videos. He knows that his unique style and somewhat girly look might make people think of him in a certain way at first glance.

But it’s important to remember that Pyrocynical has been open about being gay. He has made it clear that he is straight and doesn’t want to date someone of the same gender. If people say funny things about how he looks, that shouldn’t be taken as an indication of his sexual orientation.

There was a recent Instagram post where Pyrocynical was seen kissing a guy named Chad who is also an online personality. The post had the caption “I’m gay.” Some people may have found this story funny, but it’s important to remember that Pyrocynical is known for being witty and funny.

Instead of being an honest statement about his sexuality, this post was probably just one of his jokes or a stunt meant to get people’s attention. Also, Pyrocynical has only been with women in the past, which is strong proof that he is not gay.

If you want to know what his sexuality is really like, you need to listen to what he says and look at the relationships he’s had. Speculation and jokes about someone’s looks shouldn’t be taken as clear signs of their sexual preferences.

Who Is Pyrocynical Dating Now?

The person who goes by the Twitter handle “Daflummify” is Ida, and Pyrocynical might be seeing her. There is a rumor that they have been together since 2020. But before Ida came along, Pyrocynical was officially dating Hyojin Choi, better known as “Squizzy,” a YouTube star, from 2016 to 2019.

Is Pyrocynical Gay?

Not everything was great in their relationship, though. During that time, Choi was accused of many important things. Though it was a rough time, it’s interesting that they broke up in 2019. Choi made sure to stress that they were still friendly, despite the problems they had been through.

Fan interest in Pyrocynical’s possible relationship with Ida has made many people wonder where this relationship could go in the future.

Many famous people have been caught in the spotlights of their rivals this year. James Marriott, Shayne Ward, and many more famous people are represented here. But we have already answered all the questions that fans had through our posts. We hope this answers your question about whether or not Niall Murphy is gay.


Niall Murphy, known as Pyrocynical or PyroLive, is a British YouTube commentator known for his unique style and appearance. He has been open about his sexuality, stating that he is straight and doesn’t want to date someone of the same gender.

Pyrocynical has been dating Ida, a Twitter handle, since 2020, but they were previously married to Hyojin Choi, known as “Squizzy.” Pyrocynical’s relationship with Ida has been rumored to be ongoing, but he has maintained a friendly relationship despite facing accusations and a 2019 breakup.

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