Fannita Leggett’s Weight Loss Journey: How She Shed 100 Pounds and Changed Her Life

Fannita Leggett Weight Loss: It’s not easy to lose weight. As the years have gone by, we’ve seen people try new diets, workout routines, and even prescription drugs (looking at you, Ozempic) to get results.

Fannita Leggett is someone who has been open about her journey to lose weight. Now that the TikTok star has lost some weight, she’s seen a change in how people respond to her videos. This is what’s going on.

Fannita Leggett Said on a Tiktok Video That She Had Surgery to Lose Weight

In a TikTok video released on October 6, 2023, Fannita talked about how society treats fat people badly and how people’s feelings about her changed after she lost weight. She said about the bad things that happened after she lost 100 pounds, “I knew these things would happen before my weight loss surgery.”

People would talk about how great she was in the comments, Fannita said, no matter what she said before. Even when she said she was beautiful. People now just call her a “mean girl” when she does that, though.

Fannita Leggett Weight Loss

Fans had talked about Fannita’s weight for a long time

In a couple of posts on August 16, 2023, she talked about some comments that were meant to be mean and asked people to stop talking about her body so much.

“Yes, I’ve lost some weight. It’s not a big deal.” In one of the videos, she asked, “Can we chill out?”

In the other video, she talked about how she’s been getting a lot of attention and opinions about how she looks since she lost weight.

“When I’ve had the same face my whole life, losing weight made me look pretty all of a sudden.” Hmm. She said, “I just think that little fact is interesting.”

Fannita also said in a film on October 4, 2023, that she was “so proud” of how far she’d come in her weight loss. You can see her in the same video going to Pilates class and having a “healthy lunch.”

Fannita Leggett Sparked Controversy After Appearing on the ‘Allegedly Speaking’ Podcast

It looks like Fannita got herself into a lot of trouble. If you follow the Allegedly Speaking podcast on TikTok, you may have seen a video of Fannita on the show on October 10, 2023.

The video’s description says, “Fannita gives us her disagreeable view, and some of you aren’t ready for it.” During Fannita’s visit, the host asked her what her “hot take” was, and she told them about her controversial opinion.

Fannita said, “This is going to sound mean, but I promise I’m not a mean girl, even though some people think I am.” “Not everyone is pretty to me.” “No, I do not.”

Fannita Leggett Weight Loss

As the hosts asked her more about it, she gave more details.

She said, “I feel like we should stop.” “It’s okay that some people look bad. That’s fine, some people are. Not everyone is meant to look good. You can’t change the fact that some people are not attractive.

I’m truly sorry. I’m sick of hearing “Everyone is beautiful.” I believe everyone is beautiful on the inside and could be beautiful on the outside. But I don’t think everyone is pretty on the outside, and I’m going to die on that hill.”

Naturally, some people questioned what she said in the comments part while referring to Fannita’s style. People said things like “wanting to know how she rates herself.”

Not everyone agreed with her, though. Some said she said the one thing that everyone is afraid to say.

Any way you look at it, beauty is personal. Because everyone is different, what one person finds beautiful, another might find cute, and so on. What do you think? Do you concur with Fannita?


Fannita Leggett, a TikTok star, has faced controversy after losing weight and addressing societal attitudes towards fat people. In a TikTok video, she discussed the negative effects of weight loss surgery and the changes in people’s perceptions of her.

She also discussed her weight loss journey and the pressure to look good. In a podcast appearance, she expressed her disagreement with the idea that everyone is beautiful, but she defended her views. Some people questioned her style, but others argued that beauty is personal.

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