My Lovely Boxer Season 2: Release Date, Renewal Status, Story And More

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date: “My Lovely Boxer” is a Korean drama that aired on KBS2 from September to October 2023. The show revolves around Kim Tae Young, a determined sports agent aiming to bring back Lee Kwon Sook, a retired female boxer, to the ring.

As their professional lives intertwine, they also find themselves developing romantic feelings for each other. The series garnered praise from both critics and viewers for its realistic portrayal of the boxing world, heartwarming romance, and the talent of its cast.

It also cultivated a dedicated fan base, particularly supporting the central couple and their friends. Nevertheless, the drama concluded with a cliffhanger, leaving fans pondering the possibility of a second season.

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Renewal Status:

As of now, there’s been no official word on whether “My Lovely Boxer” will be renewed for a second season. It hasn’t been canceled either, so there remains a glimmer of hope for its return.

However, it’s worth noting that most Korean dramas, particularly those adapted from novels or webtoons, typically don’t get renewed for additional seasons. The majority of the main character arcs and conflicts were resolved in the finale, with the exception of the uncertain fate of Tae Young and Kwon Sook’s relationship.

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date

Some fans may interpret this ambiguity as an intentional creative choice, while others might feel unsatisfied and seek a more definitive conclusion.

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date:

If a second season of “My Lovely Boxer” were to be greenlit, it would likely take at least a year or more before it hits the airwaves. Korean drama production is a time-consuming process, and the availability of the cast and crew also plays a significant role.

Considering that lead actors Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye are in high demand with busy schedules, it could be challenging to reunite them for another season. Therefore, even in the event of a renewal, a realistic estimate for the release would be late 2024 or early 2025.

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Story:

The storyline for “My Lovely Boxer” season 2 would probably continue from where the first season concluded. It would explore how Tae Young and Kwon Sook cope with their separation and whether they choose to reconcile or move forward with their lives.

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date

The reactions and support of their friends and family would also be a focus. Additionally, the impact of Kwon Sook’s boxing comeback on her career and reputation, as well as how Tae Young’s former clients and rivals handle his exit from the sports industry, might be explored.

New characters and conflicts that challenge the main couple’s relationship and test their love might also be introduced.


My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Cast:

“My Lovely Boxer” season 2 would likely feature the same actors who portrayed the main roles in season 1, including:

  • Lee Sang Yeob as Kim Tae Young, a sports agent who falls in love with Kwon Sook.
  • Kim So Hye as Lee Kwon Sook / Lee Yu Ri, a former boxer who starts a new life under a different name after a traumatic incident.
  • Park Ji Hwan as Kim Oh Bok, Tae Young’s best friend and colleague with a crush on So Yeon.
  • Kim Hyung Mook as Lee Cheol Yong, Kwon Sook’s older brother who runs a boxing gym.
  • Ha Seung Ri as Jung So Yeon, Kwon Sook’s best friend and roommate who works as a singer.


While “My Lovely Boxer” season 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed, fans are holding out hope. The show offers the potential for further character and storyline exploration, delving into the captivating world of boxing.

Nevertheless, the reality is that the prospects of a second season are uncertain unless the producers and the network decide to surprise us with good news. Until then, fans can revisit Season 1 and enjoy the on-screen chemistry and charisma of Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye.

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