How To Make Millions In GTA Online In 2023: 5 Easy And Effective Methods

How To Make Millions In GTA Online In 2023: You can make a lot of money in GTA Online in 2023 in a few different ways. In general, the best ways to make money from the past are still very useful today.

The main people this guide is meant to help are new players or casual gamers who want to know what the best ways are to make quick cash in Rockstar Games’ most popular multiplayer game this year.

Most of the time, the rankings will be based on how consistently and how easy it is to make millions that way. The best ways to make millions in GTA Online may change every week, and we’ll talk about that later in this list.

Five quick ways to make a lot of money in GTA Online

5) Sell Any Vehicles You No Longer Use

Keep in mind that not all cars can be sold. Like, you shouldn’t eat anything from Pegasus.

GTA Online has been out for almost ten years, so players will have cars they don’t use or even look at very often these days. You can always sell them for 60% of what they’re worth, which could make you millions. Be careful with the new Daily Sell Limit.

4) Grind Anything That’s Making Twice, Three Times, or Even Four Times as Much

This way of making money is often linked to selling missions, but not always. Several different jobs could often pay more for a week. As an example, October 2023 has seen a number of Halloween-themed events that can be very profitable.

How To Make Millions In GTA Online In 2023

This way to make money can make you millions of dollars, and new players on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC should try it out since they don’t come with a business. Every Thursday, check the Rockstar Newswire to see what’s adding extra pay this week.

3) Get Missions Sold

There are many Sell Missions for different businesses that can make players millions of dollars if they wait long enough for the goods that go with them to reach their full potential.

For some businesses, a weekly update that gives a 2x or 3x bonus can make this even more important. Having more than one property in GTA Online and running them in the background is the best thing to do in this case.

The Nightclub, Bunker, Hangar, and Special Cargo are all great Sell Missions that will help you make a lot of money. You can run those businesses without worrying during event weeks. If you want to quickly reach the top, the Acid Lab is also a good choice, but players should expect less than a million per run.

2) Heists that Grind

Like in Grand Theft Auto 5, most heists in GTA Online can easily make you a lot of money. The three parts of The Doomsday Heist, the Diamond Casino Heist, and even the Cayo Perico Heist before it was nerfed all fit the bill. One trouble with this moneymaker is that it needs more than one player (except for Cayo Perico), but it still works best when it does.

People who play GTA Online should really learn how to use the Heist Replay Glitch for any job they want to grind. If you do this, you can skip the setup tasks and do the finale over and over again, which is where you can earn millions of dollars.

1. Getting Shark Cards

A lot of players hate having to pay real money for Shark Cards, but it is the only way to legally make money in this game. You can make millions of GTA$ in just one minute, which is a lot more than anyone else who grinds GTA Online.

The only problem is that some players don’t have a lot of extra money they can spend on games. No matter what you think about microtransactions, the fact that rich people can easily buy Shark Cards and skip any boring grind in GTA Online makes it worth being at the top of the list.


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