Who Is Ned in Spiderman Comics? The Man Behind the Mask of the Hobgoblin

Who Is Ned in Spiderman Comics? Spider-Man: I can’t get back! opens up a new tab. The last part of the Homecoming series is full of fun nods, big surprises, and treats you didn’t expect.

Find out who Ned is in the Spider-Man books here. Continue reading to find out everything about the nerd in the picture.

Who Is Ned in Spiderman Comics?

Ned Leeds was a writer for the Daily Bugle. He was dating Betty Brant, but he had to leave the country for work. When he got back to New York, he made Betty choose between him and Peter Parker, a famous photographer who goes by the name Spider-Man.

Betty was dating Peter at the time, but she ended up choosing Ned instead because Peter kept too many lies. This meant that Peter’s Spider-Man identity had ended another romance.

The Hobgoblins

Ned went out with Betty for a few years, and they were a great match. In the end, Ned even asks Betty to be his wife. She said yes, and they got married soon after.

Who Is Ned in Spiderman Comics?

Ned looked like he had everything. He got a raise at the Daily Bugle, where he worked, and got married to Betty. As a writer, Ned would now spend more time in the office and less time out in the field. Ned, who was still a reporter from the inside, could not stay in the office for long, though.

One day, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin fought, and when Hobgoblin lost, Ned followed him to his secret hideout. The Hobgoblin’s real name was found to be Roderick Kingsley.

On the other hand, Kingsley caught Ned in his secret camp. He did not kill him, though. Roderick Kingsley planned to hypnotize Ned so that he could use him as a “double” for the Hobgoblin jobs he didn’t want to do himself.

Ned, who was pretending to be Hobgoblin, helped Richard Fisk find out more about Richard’s father, the Kingpin. He did this so he could beat the Kingpin and become the most dangerous thief in New York City. On the other hand, Kingsley’s hypnosis lessons with Ned began to hurt Ned’s brain.

He soon went crazy because of it. His relationship with his wife, Betty, got worse, and she left him for Flash Thompson. Ned told the Kingpin everything he knew about Richard Fisk in his role as the Hobgoblin. He also said what he was going to do when his father went crazy.

Ned’s Death in the MCU

Roderick Kingsley was mad, so he planned to kill Ned. He was able to convince the crowd that Ned Leeds was the Hobgoblin. Jason Macendale, who is also known as Jack O’Lantern, wanted to get back at Hobgoblin, so he hired Foreigner services to kill Ned.

Agents working for Foreigner killed Ned Leeds while he was on a job in Germany. People at first thought Ned had done something wrong because he was a reporter and dug in places he shouldn’t have. Everyone thought that Ned was the real Hobgoblin for a long time.

Years later, Ned found out that Roderick Kingsley was the bad guy behind the mask who had ruined his life. Betty was able to clear Ned’s name with the help of Spider-Man, and Ned went back to being the good man and photographer he had been before.


Ned Leeds, a writer for the Daily Bugle, was a romantic partner of Peter Parker, a famous photographer. After a romantic relationship with Betty Brant, Ned married Betty and became a reporter.

However, he became obsessed with the Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, who hypnotized him to help him become a double for Hobgoblin jobs. Ned’s mental health deteriorated, and he went insane. In the MCU, Kingsley killed Ned, but he later discovered he was the real Hobgoblin.

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