Where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka? Defining the Surprise Cameo

Where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka? So far, everything about Ahsoka has been made to please even the most die-hard Star Wars fans. Ahsoka Tano is a fan favorite, and there have been a lot of cameos and stories that use the rich background of Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars.

Star Wars fans got to see some even bigger names in Ahsoka’s current episode. If you’ve seen the Star Wars movies in order as many times as we have, you’ll know that one of the best Star Wars robots, C3PO, was always in the best ones.

He showed up in Ahsoka and even gave us a hint about where another great Star Wars figure, Princess Leia, was.

You’re probably still shocked by what happened and what was revealed in the latest Star Wars movie, so we went through the timeline to answer the big question: where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka? Someone as important as Leia is sure to have a lot on her plate.

Where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka?

At the time of Ahsoka, Princess Leia is in charge of the Defense Council for the New Republic.

We know that Ahsoka takes place around 9 ABY, which is only four years after Leia’s son Ben Solo, also known as Kylo Ren, was born.

This happened a few years before Ben went to learn with Luke Skywalker and started to turn toward the dark side. At this point, Leia and Han Solo lived on Chandrila, which was Mon Mothma’s homeworld, but Han was often away on solo missionsWhere is Princess Leia in Ahsoka?

In Ahsoka, C-3PO says that Leia is the “Leader of the Defense Council” for the New Republic. That probably gives her a lot of time to fly around the galaxy being cool and to use her political power to keep the peace in the young Republic.

Why was C3P0 in Ahsoka?

Princess Leia sent C3PO to the New Republic to speak for her so that Hera wouldn’t get a court-martial for helping Ahsoka and Sabine with the trip to Seatos.

Anthony Daniels, who usually played C3PO, came back for a crowd-pleasing appearance. He made a dramatic entrance to a New Republic meeting about Hera’s behavior on the unapproved mission, which was a crowd-pleaser. Senator Xiono was pushing for a full court-martial until Threepio showed up. Xiono was either a secret Imperial or a bit of a jerk.

C3PO brought a transcript from Leia, in which she said that she had approved Hera’s plan and didn’t know that Xiono and the Senate had voted against it. Hera is no longer in danger, for now. After all, nobody will doubt what a hero of Endor says.

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Ahsoka, a popular Star Wars TV show, features a cast that includes C3PO, a popular robot, and Princess Leia. In the latest episode, C3PO is revealed to be the “Leader of the Defense Council” for the New Republic, allowing Princess Leia to use her political power to maintain peace.

Anthony Daniels, who usually plays C3PO, makes a dramatic entrance to a New Republic meeting about Hera’s behavior. Ahsoka fans can also learn about the Nightsisters, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Baylan Skoll.

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