Ja Morant Wife: The Mystery Behind His Split with KK Dixon

Ja Morant Wife: Even though Ja Morant and K.K. Dixon are well-known, everyone has been asking what happened to them. KK Dixon, or Kadre Dixon, is the daughter of DeShannon and Christal Dixon, who was born and raised in the Arkansas town of Antoine.

Tyrik Dixon plays basketball for the Missouri State Bears. His younger sister, Bray-Lee, is also a basketball player. Ja Morant is an American basketball player who is currently on the team of the National Basketball Association’s Memphis Grizzlies.

The date “G12” was given to him because he was born on August 10, 1999. Morant was named a first-team All-American in 2019 for the basketball he played at Murray State University.

Fans want to know who Ja Morant’s wife is and whether or not he will ever get married. Did he end things with her boyfriend or girlfriend? All the answers to this can be found in the box below.

Who is the Wife of Ja Morant?

KK Dixon was said to be married to Ja Morant, who is a star player for the Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association. It has been said that Dixon and Morant were never really married.

Ja Morant Wife

When Morant and his now-girlfriend started dating in 2018, he was a rising star at Murray State University.

Even though they seemed close and took beautiful pictures together, they broke up soon after their daughter Kaari Jaidyn Morant was born in early 2019. It’s not clear why they broke up.

Do Kk Dixon and Ja Morant Have a Child Together?

KK Dixon is a 21-year-old woman who goes to Fisk. Dixon plays both volleyball and basketball at his school, as far as we can tell. In 2019, they had a girl named Kaari Jaidyn Morant. After giving birth early, Kaari had to stay in the hospital for weeks.

The easiest and most modern way to tell if someone has love feelings for you is to look at who they are following or who is following them. The two have kept their breakup a secret, so no one knows why they are no longer together.

Where are K.K. Dixon and Ja Morant Now?

Basketball fans have a lot of ideas about who Ja Morant’s wife might be. As one of the best players in the NBA, Morant’s personal life gets a lot of attention.

Ja Morant Wife

After the birth of their child, Kaari Jaidyn Morant, in 2019, people thought Morant and his lover, KK Dixon, were married. But KK Dixon and Morant have never been married.

Dixon, who is now 23 years old, started dating Morant in 2018 when he was a potential college basketball player for Murray State University. The photos they shared of happy times together showed that they were always together.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended soon after their daughter was born, and now they are raising their daughter together. Fans think Morant and Dixon broke up when they stopped following each other on Instagram, but it’s not clear how long they were together.

Even now, many years after they broke up, no one knows what went wrong in their relationship. It’s important to remember that 2019 was Morant’s first year as a professional basketball player and that he may have had trouble balancing his jobs as a young athlete, a responsible adult, and a father.



Basketball fans are curious about Ja Morant and K.K. Dixon, who were once thought to be married. They broke up soon after their daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant, was born in 2019. KK Dixon, a 21-year-old basketball player, and Morant, an NBA star, have not been married.

Fans believe they broke up when they stopped following each other on Instagram. KK Dixon is now raising their daughter, Kaari Jaidyn, who had to stay in the hospital after giving birth.

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