Rainhoe Vtuber Face Reveal: Why He Decided to Do It

Rainhoe Vtuber face Reveal: Rainhoe is a social media star from the Netherlands who is popular on YouTube, Twitch, and other sites. She started out on YouTube a year ago and has become more famous since then. So far, more than 100,000 people follow her on Twitch.

She is streaming on Twitch while adding movies to her YouTube page. Read on to learn more about her real name, age, net worth, wiki, bio, height, weight, family, ethnicity, parents, siblings, country, and more.

Who is Vtuber Rainhoe?

Rainhoe is a Dutch YouTuber who has a lot of fans. In her first stream, she is called a monster girl who got lost in space. She is clumsy and trips over things, which is why she has bandages all over her body.

Also, Rainhoe seems to love stealing her followers’ mothers for some reason, so if you fall in love with her wild attitude, be ready for that!

rainhoe vtuber face reveal

She has more than 68K people following her on Twitter right now. I think she needs our help to get to 69, so follow her on Twitter! KEKW!). On the other hand, 126K people now follow her on Twitch, up from 100K in August 2022.

She has more than 63K people who follow her on YouTube right now. Rainhoe doesn’t stream much on YouTube because she’s more busy on Twitch, which could be why she has fewer subscribers on YouTube.

She posts highlights from her streams and gameplays of online crane games, Little Nightmares, and Valorant on her YouTube page. She also works with other streamers.

Rainhoe started streaming on Twitch in September 2021. When she first started, she talked a lot about stealing her viewers’ moms, which seemed strange. To say the least, she’s a tornado.

Rainhoe Vtuber Face Reveal

Even though she hasn’t officially shown her face yet, we were able to find the following rumored picture of her: From her picture, I think I’m not the only one who thinks she’s very pretty. She does look like the girl on her VTuber.

It’s obviously labeled “Your Mom.” I don’t know why she cares so much about other people’s moms. Anyway, based on how her hand looks, I think the person in both pictures is the same.

rainhoe vtuber face reveal

Hmm… So it could be Rainhoe! I don’t know about you, but I like them more now. Hey! Don’t call me a lazy person. That’s it! I’m a jerk, but you guys are even worse than me. Even if you find Rainhoe’s face, that doesn’t make you a GigaChad. KEKW!

How Did Rainhoe Become Well-Known?

Because he was friends with Connor or CDawgVA, Rainhoe became more well-known. They work together a lot, and their relationship is great.

Even during her first livestream, Connor helped her, and his moderators ran the chat for her first show. They often say funny things to each other. She had to post a thirsty tweet tagging Connor in one of her streams because she had lost a dare with her chat.

As Rainhoe says in the video below, she has grown a lot because of how they joke around and get along.

What’s Rainhoe’s Age?

She hasn’t said how old she is, but based on the photos of her face, she doesn’t look to be older than 21! She did tell us that her birthday is on October 5, so be sure to write it down and wish her a happy birthday.

What’s Rainhoe’s Height?

Her first stream says that she is 5’4″ (162.56 cm) tall. She hates the word “short” and will dropkick you if you call her that. I know that’s a turn-on for many of you, but a dropkick with those heels would hurt a lot more than you’d want, so don’t call her short!



Rainhoe is a Dutch social media star from the Netherlands who gained popularity on YouTube and Twitch over a year ago. With over 100,000 followers on Twitch, she posts highlights from her streams and gameplays of online crane games, Little Nightmares, and Valorant.

Rainhoe’s popularity can be attributed to her wild attitude and love for stealing her followers’ mothers.

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