Who Is Tommy Norman? The Social Media Cop Who Connects with His Community

Who Is Tommy Norman? Tommy Norman is a police officer in North Little Rock, Arkansas, who is best known as an Instagram star. He just told his fans some sad news. His daughter, Alyssa, has passed away.

Tommy, a hero in Little Rock and on social media for the creative ways he enforced the law and brought people together, revealed the news on November 17, 2021.

Even though Alyssa’s death came as a surprise, fans and followers rushed to Tommy’s social media accounts to show their sadness. But what happened?

Who Is Tommy Norman?

The North Little Rock Police Department says that Tommy has worked there since 1998. He has gotten a lot of praise for his unique way of dealing with the police and for sharing it with people who watch him on social media.

The officer has worked as a volunteer for a number of causes and youth groups. Joe Biden will give Tommy the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in October 2021 for all the good things he has done for the community.

He is said to have taken the award at an event on November 12. “What a big deal!” Tommy had said before the event. I’m looking forward to going to the meeting in Houston next month.”

Who Is Tommy Norman?

Tommy is known for his good deeds, like giving kids backpacks and shoe coupons and helping families who are struggling financially.

On Instagram, he says that he is “building bridges, making connections, and bringing communities together.”

Who Was Alyssa Norman?

Alyssa Norman, the late daughter of Tommy Norman, was famous on Instagram. The North Little Rock, Arkansas, police officer from Pulaski County keeps his one million fans up to date on his daily work life.

Alyssa was one of his three children, and she was in her mid-20s when she died. In her Twitter bio, it says she is a realtor, and another tweet says she has been doing this for three years.

She also said that she was a mother, and it turned out that her son, Kingston, was two years old.

What Happened to Alyssa Norman?

Tommy told everyone on social media that Alyssa had died, which was very sad. He said that she died on November 17, 2021, but no one knows what caused her death.

The 49-year-old dad said that his daughter was a “daddy’s girl” in a series of photos he posted. “Today has been the most painful day of my life,” he wrote in the captions for the pictures.

“Daddy’s girl” Alyssa, my sweet daughter, is no longer with us. Early this morning, she passed away. I want to ask you to pray for me and my family tonight.

“This is a very sad thing for all of us.” “Thank you.” Later, the father posted another picture of his daughter with the statement “I don’t know what to do.” Alyssa was thrilled with her life and what was to come.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for her funeral, and any extra money raised will go to her two-year-old son.

Tommy Norman pays tributes by sharing a heartbreaking Instagram post

Norman wrote next to a picture of Alyssa in a beautiful white dress, “I never thought the pain I’m feeling could be so painful.” Check out how beautiful Alyssa was. She was very happy.

Who Is Tommy Norman?

She would talk to me about how excited she was about her future. She wanted to be a leader and give other people hope. She’d tell him, “Daddy, I can do it.” My first love was a girl named Alyssa.

But she isn’t there anymore. On Valentine’s Day, I remember taking a car to dinner. She always said that she wanted a guy to treat her the way her dad did. I have so many more stories about my amazing girl to tell. Rest in peace, little sweetheart of Daddy. “I miss you so very much.”

He also put out Alyssa’s latest voice message and a video of her baptism when she was a child. In another shot, Norman said that Alyssa had struggled with addiction in the past. “A few months ago, this is Alyssa giving her story at @theharborhome.

Alyssa fought addiction, and she didn’t feel bad about telling her story to help others. Alyssa’s sudden death is a huge blow, but she won’t have died for nothing. I’ll use my position to be the biggest drug-addiction fighter I can be.

The way Alyssa would want it. She was doing really great. In the past few months, we’d been on a lot of dates with my daughter, and she was determined to fight until the end. This incident is sad because of this. Alyssa thought she was the best person in the world. Every day, she’d tell him, “Daddy, I’ve got this.”

Unfortunately, this evil world took my daughter, and I can’t even begin to explain how much it hurts. I’d like more people to pray for me and my family. We will say goodbye to Alyssa next week, which will be hard. I really am so grateful for all of you.


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