Are the Chainsmokers Brothers? Here’s Everything We Know About Their Personal Life

Are the Chainsmokers Brothers: After admitting to having a threesome with a fan, The Chainsmokers are getting a lot of attention on social media. The two singers recently talked about what goes on behind the scenes on the Call Her Daddy show. People on the Internet can breathe a sigh of relief because the two are not connected in real life.

On January 11, the latest episode of the popular show with The Chainsmokers came out. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart told fans things they didn’t expect to hear. The two talked about old relationships, breakups, and s*x, among other things. Fans were shocked to hear that they were spending nights together.

Alex Pall said in the interview that the two of them have done a threesome before. He said that when they were on tour in Europe and had to share a room, things went in a surprising direction. Pall said in the show about the whole thing:

“It’s been a long time. It was also the day when we used to have to share hotel rooms. In Europe, they have the two beds, they don’t even split them apart… so we were pretty much thrown into these situations.”

Pall went on to say that many of the singers’ responses to the event were:

“What the f**k just happened?”

The singer went on to say that they had several threesomes over the years. Andrew Taggart went on to say that these kinds of meetings never happened “with a diehard fan” because the people weren’t “wearing merch or anything.”

The Chainsmokers Are Not Brothers

After hearing about what goes on behind closed doors with The Chainsmokers, one might wonder if the two are really connected. The two artists have said in the past that their relationship is very close, and they look a lot alike. This is just a chance, though. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who are both in the band The Chainsmokers, are not related to each other in real life.

Are the Chainsmokers Brothers?

Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler were the first two people in the group. But the second member left the group early on. Adam Alpert took over as their manager, and he told up-and-coming DJ and producer Andrew Taggart that there was a spot for the two of them.

This made it possible for Taggart and Pall to meet in New York and work together. After that, they put out a remix of the song Daughter, which put them at the top of the HypeMachine music chart. Since then, they have both kept their skills.

Netizens Are Going Crazy After Listening to the Chainsmokers Podcast Show on Call Her Daddy

People on the Internet were sure that the two artists were brothers. Many people didn’t look online to see if The Chainsmokers were linked in real life. Because of this, people on the Internet were shocked by the latest audio news.

Netizens were also surprised by how freely the two talked about their personal lives.

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The Chainsmokers have gained attention on social media after admitting to having a threesome with a fan. The singers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart shared their personal lives on the Call Her Daddy show, discussing old relationships, breakups, and s*x.

Pall revealed they had several threesomes before, but Taggart said they were not “with a diehard fan” because they weren’t wearing merch. The Chainsmokers podcast show on Call Her Daddy surprised many fans who were expecting the two artists to be brothers.

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