Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie: Is It Possible to See the Movie in the UK?

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie: Swifties, get-together! Taylor Swift has announced that there will be a movie version of the Eras Tour as if we didn’t already have enough Eras Tour material. Okay, who else is yelling?

Taylor posted the news about the movie on her Instagram account yesterday (August 31). She talked about how important the Eras Tour was to her and how excited she was to bring it to theaters.

She said, “The Eras Tour has been the most meaningful, electric experience of my life so far, and I’m thrilled to tell you that it’s going to be on the big screen soon.” Starting Oct. 13, the live film will be shown in theaters in North America. Tickets are now for sale. People were urged to wear clothes from different eras, make friendship bracelets, sing, and dance.

So, now that you’ve had time to think about this very big movie news, here are all the important facts you need to know about the Eras Tour movie, such as whether or not it will be shown in the UK.

What is the Eras Tour Movie?

The Eras Movie, which is officially called “TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR Concert Film,” lets you watch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on a big screen.

taylor swift eras tour movie

The official AMC plot summary says the following about the movie:

“Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime concert film experience with a breathtaking cinematic view of the history-making tour that Ben Sisario of The New York Times called ‘A Cultural Juggernaut;’. Taylor Swift Eras attire and friendship bracelets are strongly encouraged!”

The Eras Tour started earlier this year. The Eras Tour Concert Film should show the tour in all its glory. So you can expect to hear versions of “Cruel Summer,” all the friendship bracelets, and possibly a few other songs that will surprise you.

How Long is the Movie The Eras Tour?

Good news, everyone! The Eras Tour Concert Film lasts for two hours and 45 minutes, which is about the same length as the Eras Tour, which usually lasts three hours.

When Does the Eras Tour Movie Come Out?

The Eras Tour Concert Film will come out on October 13 at AMC Theatres across North America.

taylor swift eras tour movie

Where Can You Buy Tickets for Watching the Movie Eras Tour?

Tickets are on sale at the AMC Theatres website for people in North America.

Is the Movie Eras Tour Out in the UK?

Okay, Swifties in the UK, get ready for some bad news. The Eras Tour Concert Film will only be shown in theaters in North America for the time being. Since Taylor’s Eras Tour doesn’t come to the UK and Europe until next summer (cries), it’s likely that we won’t get to see the movie until after that.

For now, all we can do is watch Eras Tour TikToks over and over again.


Taylor Swift has announced a movie version of her Eras Tour, titled “TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR Concert Film.” The live film will be shown in North America starting October 13 and will feature Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, including versions of “Cruel Summer,” friendship bracelets, and other songs.

Tickets are available for purchase on the AMC Theatres website. The movie will only be shown in North America, and it is expected to be released in the UK and Europe next summer.

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