What is the Scanner in Fortnite and Why You Need It

What is a Scanner in Fortnite? In short, a Scanner is a gadget in the game that is part of the “Nolan Chance’s Snapshot” Quests. The players’ job will be to set up a Scanner in the Vault that belongs to Kado Thorne.

When they finish the job, they’ll get 25,000 XP. Even though the job at hand is easy, it will be hard to get into one of these heavily guarded Vaults.

With a Rocket Ram, it will be easy to get into a Vault. Find the wall’s weak spots or cracks and use the Rocket Ram to smash through them. A different way to do it would be to take the Vault cameras out quietly and go around the guns. Still, both of these methods can work, based on what is going on.

Can the Scanner Be Used in Normal Chapter 4 Season 4 Gameplay?

No, you can only use the Scanner as part of a Quest. After the Quest is over, you won’t be able to use the Scanner again unless you’re doing another Quest that needs a Scanner.

Still, since this isn’t part of the real game, using the Scanner during the said Quest won’t help you in any way. It also doesn’t change anything about the match as a whole.

Will Epic Games Put Back Things That Can Be Found With a Scanner Into Fortnite’s Current Pool of Loot?

There is always a chance that Epic Games will add the Recon Scanner to the loot pool. This tool can be used to make targets stand out in battle, giving players clear information about where they are for tactical purposes. The Falcon Scout is also a great item that could be put back into the pool of loot.

What is the Scanner in Fortnite

It’s much more useful than the Recon Scanner because it can do a lot more than just scan and mark enemies.

It can gather ammunition, guns, items, Reboot Cards, and fallen players, both friends and foes. Since “Heist” is the theme of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, having utility items that can show who your opponents are in real-time will be a big help.

Is There a Way to Scan or Mark Other Players in Fortnite?

Surprisingly, there is a way to scan or mark opponents in Fortnite and find out where they are. There are two ways to do this. The first is to hire Nolan Chance or Bull Shark, two NPCs who are Scout Specialists. They can see enemies within a certain range and mark them for a short time.

The Shadow Tracker is the second way to search for and mark opponents in a game. You can get this tool from Agent Peely. Every shot you take at an opponent makes them stand out and makes it easier to find them in the game. Even though the mark won’t last forever, each bullet that does damage will make it last longer.



A Scanner is a gadget in Fortnite that is part of the “Nolan Chance’s Snapshot” Quests, where players set up a scanner in a Vault to earn 25,000 XP. It is not used in normal gameplay and cannot be used in the current loot pool.

Epic Games may add the Recon Scanner and Falcon Scout to the loot pool, which can help make targets stand out in battle. Scanners can also be used to mark opponents, either by hiring Scout Specialists like Nolan Chance or Bull Shark or by using the Shadow Tracker.

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